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Leslie Jones  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NNd5sswphgA

Colder than pyeongchang lol!! Go Yankees!!

I hate this commercial cause like who does this?! “Man if you don’t get cho ass off my drink ches?! You see I’m trying to get in?!” I don’t even think I could have agreeably did this commercial without saying that at least once. #iwatchtoomuchhgtv

Hey peeps @therealmariskahargitay out here doing real work yo!! Don’t miss this!! On April 16 at 8pm!! #wecanfixit iamevidencethemovie.com. @HBO #IAmEvidence #EndTheBacklog

You’re welcome!! Lol see ya tomorrow night! It’s supposed to be a gif but it didn’t work oh well. @nbcsnl #lovemyjob

Ok they not playing at Peloton and @allymisslove literally your 70s class is on point even though I almost died at end. The Ojays kept me going!! I love the way you say “y’all ready yes or yes?! I be like Bitch no!! Lol but I still do it!! #manitshardtostartover #andabitchdidstairstoo

Ok who out there watch @nbcgoodgirls cause Rio is fine as fuck!! Real talk!! I would wash his money and his drawers! I’ll be your huckleberry baby!! I mean sir! #imeantbaby #damninevergetdudeslikethat #imgonnacasthimasaloveinterestifigetashowdamnorjustsneakhimintorockafella

Ending my night on some good shit. Snuggling up to my iPad in bed to some @nbcgoodgirls and @lethalweaponfox and some good treats! Like how I did that? 😜😌😎

Ok @jesskingnyc bitch you tried to kill me today but I did It. Getting back to my workouts is hard

Ok I need a pic to post to say something on instagram and I figured fuck it right?! He is fine. Anyhoo I’m waiting on my birth certificate cause I want to know what time I was born. I don’t know why but I hope it says something that causes a mystery and then I have to research and.... ok I’m tired now let’s just look at the pic!! This is a nice young man!! #imightbecrazy #wishtheshowquincywasstillontv #okishouldhavenofreetimecauseidlehands #hashatgstellwhatsrealkygoingon #hopemybirthcertificatesayim10yearsyounger

‪They caught this one with the legends!! I’m so blessedly these two love a bitch lol!!! @chrisrock @chappellercmh love y’all to the moon and back!! @nbcsnl

‪I didn’t take many pics last night but I made sure to get one with one of the best actors out there!! @chadwickboseman he was a beast last night so proud of him taking a hit at comedy!! Was so sweet and down to earth!! @nbcsnl#wakandaforever

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