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  nsfw (gave up with the dm thing hardly anyone bothered so if i lose this account oh well i have a second one.) don’t report just block💕G💕 ♥️23/11/17♥️

my baby’s picture: @nsfwtextposts


ugh i love you so much i wish i could just hold you and embrace you and kiss you whenever you need them and i can’t wait to meet you for real because it will be the best day of my life honestly. but i love you so so much all of you personality and appearance you’re perfect and i love you. Happy International Girlfriend’s Day baby!!😘😘💕💕

I fell down to earth
From a hundred miles away and somehow
I still make it work
But it's overrated and somehow played out.
Three doors down so you can't ignore it.
I'll hunt you down like a tyrannosaurus.
My teeth are sharp like the great white shark.
Let me taste that flesh, it's my favourite part.
Got an eagle beak, with the ostrich feet.
7 spider eyes for every day of the week.
Means I'm still up working while your bitch ass sleeps.
I'm an alien among the human beings.

happy eight months babygirl i love you so so much @nsfwtextposts 😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


(⚠️ to anyone who actually reads this and people who don’t watch my story. ⚠️ )guys it’s my last fucking chance so if someone reports my stuff again i lose this account and all you guy but i made a back up account @les_be_daddy2 so you guys can follow me if you want i know i’ll never get my all my followers back but if you generally like my stuff then go for it but like if you report my stuff you’re a cunt and i will forever hate you. i’ve worked so hard on trying to get this account to work but the next account won’t be as revealing images mainly like those twitter sexual posts and kinda cute and sexual posts but yeah just giving you guys a heads up. if you care.


mmmmmm my favourite...😻

i really love pale skin. you can see marks a lot clearer and it’s fucking hot. (by marks i mean like hickeys, scratches and hand prints due to spanking just in case that wasn’t clear.)

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