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nsfw don’t report just block  💕G💕 ♥️23/11/17♥️

i know i haven’t posted in over a month i’m sorry


i love my girlfriend. 24 dayssssssss ahhhhhhh.

it’s been a bit since i’ve posted sorry.

i’m the worst.. at literally. everything 😭😭💔💔

this is so cute.
I'm not looking for perfect, just for somebody who holds it down when I'm hurting, lifts me up when I lose there will be days when I can't function there will be nights I won't sleep.

i keep seeing this and i find it so funny i’m just like oh shit and he’s just like tf😂😂

my baby’s picture: @nsfwtextposts


ugh i love you so much i wish i could just hold you and embrace you and kiss you whenever you need them and i can’t wait to meet you for real because it will be the best day of my life honestly. but i love you so so much all of you personality and appearance you’re perfect and i love you. Happy International Girlfriend’s Day baby!!😘😘💕💕

I fell down to earth
From a hundred miles away and somehow
I still make it work
But it's overrated and somehow played out.
Three doors down so you can't ignore it.
I'll hunt you down like a tyrannosaurus.
My teeth are sharp like the great white shark.
Let me taste that flesh, it's my favourite part.
Got an eagle beak, with the ostrich feet.
7 spider eyes for every day of the week.
Means I'm still up working while your bitch ass sleeps.
I'm an alien among the human beings.

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