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fuck i knew today wasn’t going to be a good day and of course it wasn’t

i was just looking back on memories. and it was a lot. i’ve pushed so much out of my life recently because there’s not much i’ve been able to take and looking back on who i was and just the difference between now and then and my life just kinda makes me think a little too much...

damn... i wanna kiss someone

i’ve been really into bebe rexha recently idk why she’s hot though

ugh man idk.

GOD this morning started off like shit

my dog has my whole heart

i feel like i can get so easily replaced with anyone and it breaks me

hey. haven’t posted. in a lot of pain. quick update.

i’m just living. not sure how or why. but i am and i’ll make the best of it ig.

you don’t know how much i hate posting on my main 😒

i just always feel like i’m not good enough for anyone. and it doesn’t even matter who. it could be the closest person to me. and i’ll still think they could have someone better and that they could replace me with literally anyone and be better off. i just wanna do something right with someone but i know that people only give false hope but there’s not much you can do. i know this shit gets annoying but it’s just shit that i don’t wanna talk about and especially out loud to people because it’s not even worth it and it’s just always there. what’s the point of talking about it if it’s not going to help how much you think about it.

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