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💫L'Erin Alta ✨  Soul guide. Spiritual teacher. Shadow diver. ✨Because every master needs a mentor.💫 SHADOW DIVE RETREAT - January 12-14, 2018.


When Day 2 of union festivities includes partying at Saul Williams' house in the Hollywood Hills, new + old framily of international locals, a glorious spread of vibrantly delicious foods, love, laughter and a private concert by the one and only JOI (@tennesseeslimkitty)...You KNOW you are blessed and highly favored and obsessively loved by the powers that be. Gratitude.

When love wins.
When the squad slays.
When the desert paints possibility.
When you birth truth and light and art together.
When words are not enough...gratitude is the only thing that matters.
*************************************************Love you - @lynneedenise + @chandrafrank! Thank you for inviting us to celebrate your love with you.

You + me. Soul-to-soul. 60 minutes.⠀

There's a LOT going on in the world right now and maybe you need somewhere sacred to be witnessed, supported, celebrated and encouraged.⠀

Somewhere to ask a hard question and connect with your soul's answer. To be guided back to your deep strength and clarity and power.⠀

A conversation to gain tools, insight, ah-has, strategies and maybe just vent if you need to.⠀

Somewhere to soothe your spirit and sharpen your sight.⠀

This is also perfect if you're interested in a 1-on-1 intensive with me and want to dip your toes in first.⠀

**************************************** I no longer offer virtual 1-on-1 sessions (and working me me starts in the mid-four figures), so if this offer resonates with you, JUMP ON IT!⠀

I'm opening up just 10 SPACES. And once they're gone, they're GONE.⠀

Sound good? Click the link in my profile to sign up NOW.⠀

- All (or no) religions, genders and sexual orientations welcome, honored and respected.⠀

(Please note, this is not therapy or replacement for therapy. It is a 1-on-1 Soul Session to support your spiritual growth and nourishment, especially during these painful times.)⠀

**TAG SOMEONE you know might need this. These spaces won't last long.**

Prayer + action.⠀
Prayer + accountability.⠀
Prayer + changing policy.⠀
Prayer + having hard conversations.⠀
Prayer + gratitude.⠀
Prayer + destroying systemic & social white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia and ableism.⠀
Prayer + learning how to be and DO better.⠀
Prayer + asking for forgiveness.⠀
Prayer + grieving the hard stuff.⠀
Prayer + surrender.⠀

Pray without ceasing + DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE to change things.⠀

These are NOT mutually exclusive and the power is in your hands.⠀

Use it.

When your homegirl, @glowmaven, comes to town and brilliantly lights up a stage with @luvvie, @badassboz and @glennondoyle, it's an excellent way to begin a new season!

You are not your job. You are not your degrees. You are not your marital status.⠀

You are not your car (or your bus pass).⠀

You are not the fullness of your schedule.⠀

You are not your family role.⠀

You are not your astrological sign.⠀

You are not your bank account balance.⠀

You are not your desires or disappointments.⠀

You are not your spiritual beliefs or devotional practices.⠀

You are not your skin or bones or flesh.⠀

You are not your gender or the gender(s) you love.⠀

You are not the number of people you know (or who know you).⠀

You are not your trauma, struggles or the burdens you carry.⠀

You are not your accomplishments or failures.⠀

You are not your past or your future.⠀

You are infinitely sacred.⠀
Born holy and divine and beautiful.⠀
Perfect in your imperfections.⠀

Stop trying to "fix" something that is not broken.⠀

Stop trying to explain something that is inexplicable.⠀

You are enough. And good. And right. And innocent.⠀

Now, go.⠀

Give your gifts. Tell your truth. Trust your path.⠀

Let your you-ness be a light for the world.⠀

We need you.

WHEN you've done everything possible—working your ass off all year—now you're exhausted and overwhelmed and still afraid people will think you're incapable.⠀

WHEN you're secretly shamed because they say you have what it takes, but you're terrified of being a fraud — a wolf in sheep's clothing.⠀

WHEN there's a mean voice in your head, always pushing you to achieve, accomplish and 'do better,' no matter how tired you are or how much you've already done.⠀

WHEN you're stuck in a WorkWorkWorkWorkWork-Collapse from exhaustion-Beat yourself up for not working-WorkWorkWorkWorkWork cycle that's hard to unravel because no one is talking about it and you don't know where to begin.⠀

WHEN you need to slow down and self-reflect, but you don't want to be selfish — so GO is your only speed.⠀

SHADOW DIVE is an intimate, intentional 3-day retreat for the woman ready to get out of Soul Fog, anchor deep into self-trust and self-acceptance and explore who she truly is outside of the burden of other people's expectations.⠀

WHO: You + 14 new friends⠀

WHAT: A 3-day breakthrough retreat⠀

WHEN: November 3-5, 2017⠀

WHERE: Seattle, WA⠀

WHY: So that you can live your vision, your rules, your way.⠀

HOW: Click link in profile for more info!

Your own personal oracle reading! * What does yours say?

NEWS FLASH: You will fail.⠀

You will sacrifice blood, sweat and tears and still miss the mark.⠀

You will follow a clear vision and still not do everything you could have done.⠀

You will deeply hurt people (yourself included) - sometimes without even trying.⠀

You will teach and cajole and convince, without ever making a dent.⠀

You will do your best and it will still not be enough.⠀

Stop being so damn hard on yourself and do it anyway.⠀
These are the risks of being human.⠀


NEWS FLASH: Your perfection requires no labor.⠀

Your sacredness cannot be purchased.⠀

Your light is irreplaceable and unyielding and effervescent.⠀

You are under a canopy of grace that cannot be broken.⠀

Even when you fail and miss the mark and effortlessly hurt people, you are still immeasurably loved and loving and lovable.⠀

Stop denying the truth of your magnificence.⠀
These are the gifts of being divine.⠀

*** You were born holy and human and there's nothing you can do about it.⠀

Both broken and whole; secular and sacred; novice and sage.⠀

Just for today, lovingly enjoy the magnificent human paradox that is you.


How are you bringing more love and joy and magic to your life today?

You are being called to step more fully into your power. ⠀⠀
To heal yourself and your country and your world. ⠀⠀
Because healing happens from the inside out — not the other way around.⠀⠀
This month, "Heart & Soul Magazine" published my article, 'How to be a Healer' and I am so grateful to be sharing it with you!⠀⠀
You are being called. ⠀⠀
Find the courage.⠀⠀
And pick up "Heart & Soul" at your favorite local bookstore! On the stands now!

We are LIVE, y'all!!!!⠀

Our new site, digital sanctuary, virtual temple is up and gorgeous and running!⠀

Head to www.lerinalta.com, explore the lay of the land and let me know what you love. I am SO excited to share this with you!!!!!⠀

- New website!⠀
- New workshop!⠀

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone who made this all possible.⠀


(Link is in the bio.)

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