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💫L'Erin Alta ✨  Soul guide. Shadow diver. Spiritual teacher. ✨Workshops + retreats that lead you home. 🌘 "Scar tissue is stronger than skin."🌖


NEW PODCAST! I've been speaking on several amazing podcasts lately and this was by far one of the most fun interviews. The women of @theamplifyco are insightful, fun and funny. We had a fantastic conversation about truth — accessing, listening to and honoring it — plus so much more.

Listen here — http://bit.ly/beamplified

How I feel when @ovonion makes my clothes! 💜

No one can steal your joy if you're unwilling to give it away.⠀

Stop entertaining them.⠀
Stop reposting them.⠀
Stop overanalyzing them.⠀
Stop social media stalking them.⠀
Stop complaining about them.⠀
Stop trying to figure them out.⠀
Just stop thinking about them. ⠀
(I bet they aren't thinking about you.)⠀

Focus on someone - something - else with all of your precious energy + time.⠀

Watch your wellspring of joy replenish + overflow.


Refuse to fall down⠀
If you cannot refuse to fall down,⠀
refuse to stay down.⠀
If you cannot refuse to stay down,⠀
lift your heart toward heaven,⠀
and like a hungry beggar, ⠀
ask that it be filled. ⠀

You may be pushed down.⠀
You may be kept from rising.⠀

But no one can keep you from lifting your heart toward heaven, only you.⠀

It is in the middle of misery⠀
that so much becomes clear.⠀

The one who says nothing good⠀
came of this, is not yet listening.⠀

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

You cannot create the present you want by trying to change the past. ⠀⠀
Let that sh*t go and set yourself free.⠀⠀
📷 Maureen Bisiliat

Dear Warrior Soul,⠀

We need you.⠀

Stop hiding in the shadowy lies of uncertainty, hunting confirmation and affirmation and validation before living your truth.⠀

You already know what needs to be said. Say it.⠀

You already know what needs to be done. Do it.⠀

Show yourself and your children and your partner and your parents the truth of who you are.⠀

Wear it like a robe of light.⠀

Confess your strengths and your shortcomings.⠀

Declare your destiny and distractions.⠀

Unearth the force that moves you to freedom.⠀

You know what you were born to do, who you are primed to become.⠀

Do not try to hide or downplay or shrink. (It's too late. We already see your incandescent light.)⠀

We need you here - powerful and truthful and free.⠀

Straighten your crown and take your seat at the table.⠀

All my love,⠀


Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice⠀

I say the darker the flesh then the deeper the roots⠀

I give a holler to my sisters on welfare⠀
Tupac cares, if don’t nobody else care⠀

I know they like to beat ya down a lot⠀
when you come around the block brothas clown a lot⠀

but please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up⠀

forgive but don’t forget, girl keep your head up.⠀

- TuPac Shakur

Let the beauty we love be what we do. ⠀
There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.⠀

- Rumi⠀

@Snoopdogg photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

I got a cute face, chubby waist⠀⠀⠀
Thick legs, in shape⠀⠀⠀
Rump shakin’, both ways⠀⠀⠀
Make you do a double take⠀⠀⠀
- Missy Elliott

Every week I send out love letters that help women move from self-actualized to soul powered.⠀

It's a spiritual journey for Warrior Souls.⠀

Click the link in my bio to join the Inner Circle and take your first step. xx

The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is - it's to imagine what's possible. - bell hooks


Miss the mark + overcompensate. Give what you can anyway.⠀

Overpromise + underdeliver. Commit to serving anyway.⠀

Be uncertain and unsure. Show up anyway.⠀

Watch registrations, hawk-eyed. And be disappointed by the slow trickle or overwhelmed by the flood. Open your doors anyway.⠀

Wake up, mind racing with a seemingly endless To Do list. Meditate anyway.⠀

Wait until the last minute to do what should have been done weeks ago. Schedule anyway.⠀

Spread yourself too thin + delegate to the wrong person. Ask for help anyway.⠀

Obsess about all of the details for weeks + still leave something out. Create what you want to experience anyway.⠀

Get itchy with jealousy about someone else shining brighter, speaking clearer, connecting bigger. Keep doing YOU anyway.⠀

Beat yourself up for not knowing enough, not being ready yet, not starting when you said you would. Trust your process and your path anyway.⠀

BECAUSE, the moment you open your doors (in your living room, online or in a swanky hotel suite), the right people will show up (be they 2 or 20). ⠀

They will be ready for whatever soul-anchored guidance and love-spurned generosity you have.⠀

They will you meet you where you are — as you will them.⠀

And your service, your humanity, your love will light the way and create the space for transcendence.⠀

No perfection required.⠀

This is about the willingness to show up. To serve. To supply what's needed to those who are ready to receive.⠀

All that's required is YOU.⠀
Human + devoted.⠀
Open + willing.⠀
Curious + true.⠀

SO, surrender to your path and the process. ⠀

Listen -- to your self and your soul. Apply each lesson learned to the next step in front of you. ⠀

Nap. Eat. Hydrate. Have amazing sex. Do your best. Breathe.⠀


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