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JESUS • FITNESS • LIFE  Lenka | GER 🇩🇪 • wild&free at heart by the love of Jesus Christ ✝ • inspiration&motivation 🏋 • getting out of my comfort zone

when @christjiani is living at the other end of the world right now and sends me unexpected roses in my favourite colour ❤️ that is a friendship goal! being far away she still encourages me walking in faith and let me feel so loved&appreciated!

right now I'm sitting at my desk studying with having a cold - so I wasn't at the gym today but I can still give you some motivation & inspiration 🙌🏋️ for the delts&lats
1️⃣ cable machine face pulls 3x15 in SS delt front raises 3x15
2️⃣ cable machine bent over row 3x15 in SS dumbbell deadlift with rows
_ 🌸 HAVE FUN 🌸

heaven flood the earth

I have read this verse yesterday before my driving test and it was so encouraging. I was pressurised because I had to pass it this first time for not having any money left to pay it a second time (its expensive in germany 😁). actually I was driving really good but I still have made some faults the last lessons so I was really nervous. but I knew that even if I would not pass God will provide - everything works together for my good. so my driving test started and I couldn't see anything on the highway because of the sun, then we were drifting a little bit because there was snow and ice on the streets - I've never had this problem before 😁. crazy start and me being nervous. the day before I prayed for a good and easy traffic and that the traffic lights will be green - that was the case, most of the time they have turned green when I rode up. I even didn't have to overtake a biker. and I have passed the test!! Jesus is so good and He gives me daily new grace and favour while trusting everything into his hands!!🙌

"I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord , who made heaven and earth." (Psalms 121:1‭-‬2 ESV)
photo credit @iamjensg

shouuuuulders 🙌 I was struggling so hard 🤦😁 but that's challenging!
1️⃣ incline front raises each side 3x10
2️⃣ alternating lateral raises each side 3x10 in SS lateral raises both arms 3x12
3️⃣ biceps to shoulder complex 3x12 🌸 H A V E F U N 🌸

new week - new chances 🙌 walking in peace and comfort because I know Jesus is in control ❤️
photo credit @iamjensg

"And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction." (Matthew 10:1 ESV)
Jesus calls you! He calls you to let heaven invade earth, to give the world an encounter with God's power and love. the One to whom every authority was given, calls you to walk in this authority over the spiritual world. the authority to perform miracles in the name of Jesus. the gospel has to be preached, but miracles, healings and deliverances are a part of it too! the gospel is the power of God, in truth and in deeds. as it is in heaven, so on earth. we are dependent on Jesus, the time we spent with him, growing in our relationship to him - our cup flows over for the people who need an encounter with God. let us be all time connected to him and be brave walking in the call and authority he has given us 🌸

delts&lats superset here you go💃🙌
3x15 each exercise back to back
1️⃣ bent over rope row
2️⃣ chest to lats row (don't know how to name it😁) 🌸 H A V E F U N 🌸

🌸 good morning 🌸 #yummyinmytummy

this beautiful girl loves to take pictures - and I love to stand on the other side, perfect match?!😬 we have so much fun together! I still remember the situation in school when you asked if I go to church - yes and you? - yes me too! it's almost 6 years ago!! how little things can grow a friendship 😏 by the way I'm looking like a little, excited child but I was over-smiling the cold weather wearing only a shirt #doitforthepicture 🙋

🌸 happy tuesday 🌸
Jesus is such a loving and caring God! He wants to take all your heaviness of shame, guilt, rebellion, fear, hurt and harm out of your heart. the heavy stones, the walls you have built around you. and He wants to feel you up with his Holy Spirit - with His love, peace and comfort. He, the giver of every good and perfect gift, is the one producing fruits of righteousness within you.

never skipping leeeegday🙌 singe leg work is good if you have one leg stronger than the other.
one superset I tried, here you go:
1️⃣ pulsing lunges 3x15 each leg
2️⃣ alternating barbell lunges 3x15 each leg
3️⃣ calves raises 3x15 🌸 have fun 🌸

leggings: @fammesportswear

i set my hope on you

hotti chocolati is #yummi 🙌 by the way I can see my little biceps growing even without flexing whooop! happy thursday 💃

you are God's masterpiece. He has a plan for your life, He has prepared so many things for you. God is the giver and every good and perfect gift is from above. the question is will you obey and follow His plan or will you follow your/other people's plan. you are called to produce fruits of life and righteousness. God is the waymaker - He has prepared situations for you to let your light shine 💃

hello hello 🙌 wish you all a beautiful day 🌼

whoop whoop for that strong back and shoulders 🙌
1️⃣ 3-4×15 face pulls with cable machine
2️⃣ 3-4×12 front pulldown with cable machine
3️⃣ 3-4×10 pulsing lateral dumbbell raises 🌸 have fun 🌸

looking forward for the weeeekend like 🙌

almost one week of working in the psychiatry done. I never had so much compassion, it's so sad to see how many people have to fight with schizophrenia, depression, borderline, having such a bad past and struggling with so many drugs I even never heard of. the generation needs JESUS! there is no one else who can bring freedom to the heart, soul and body like Jesus #bestdoctoralive

wow God is "holy, holy, holy!". Isaiah had such a big encounter and revelation of God, his throne and glory. in awe of Him he has realized his sinful nature and not being worthy because of all the failure and shame of the sin he did in his life. he saw God's purity, being without sin and guilt. but God called Isaiah to be a light to his people. Isaiah encountered God's loving kindness, forgiveness and freedom of all his guilt. he was equipped by God to fulfill his call and purpose. God wants you to have a life-changing encounter in His presence!

let's hit the shoulders! doing 3x15 (each exercise) of this triset with the cable machine - first left arm than right arm and that's one set 🙌
1️⃣ front raises
2️⃣ rear delt pull
3️⃣ lateral raises
🌸 have fun 🌸

Happy new year beautiful people out there! May it be blessed in the fullest of what God has intended for you 🌸 and get out of your comfort zone(s) 😚

#yummyinmytummy 🙌 who else likes to put everything in one pot, mix and eat it? laziness level reached 😁 but let me quick explain some ingredients for that salad.
tuna is low in fat and high on protein, I have never been a huge fan of it but let's give this a try. the egg is also high on protein and has a lot of vitamins! cheese is not that good because it contains a lot of fat - don't matter what your goals are, your body needs fat, but not in the amount of too much cheese 🙊 and we already got some fat in the olive oil. so a good alternative is light mozzarella. not to forget all the vegetables - a lot of vitamins, minerals and low calories. 🌸 happy saturdaze 🌸

in Jesus alone we have the confidence to come boldly before him in prayer, pouring out our hearts, asking God for forgiveness, healing and other requests ❤️

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