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Dena | www.leowithcancer.com  We are all just trying to do our best.

I woke up like this two days ago, which is when my manicure was fresh. I wonder if I will ever get over my ACNE PTSD or if I’m destined to take a selfie of my chin every morning for the rest of my life.

Having a pretty magical trip to Mom land.

Goodbye rainbow nails. It’s been a pleasure. 🌈🥄

What’s in your wallet 😂 #megababesummer

I’m pretty sure today is amazing because I got to be twins with two of my favorite people in the whole world. @karolinakristina and mini me #2. Hashtag blessed!!! #megababesummer

Three @glossier girls with really good skin and super long necks walk into a bar/secret garden paradise. Honestly the first thing I said to @kelly_mittendorf was, where is @laurendaccache. 😂 but seriously, two of the most inspiring, smart, well-read, interesting, well spoken, fun, creative, hard working, special women I have ever met. So stinking grateful to have them as my friend.

Memories make the best present. 📷 by @karolinakristina - >>> @bluestonebabe is special thank you for finding her. @beyondthedesktop ping me I have a follow up article to #2000strampstamp about this magical day ❤️🌈🥄

How long ago did I put on this @tan_luxe ? It’s still so lush.

A beautiful diarama, for a day that was too good for words. Karo-beanie-baby I am so excited for you in so many ways, and so proud to be your friend. #highteaatbergdorfsforkaromikey

@emily_ferber regrammed this so it’s basically art now. #🌈nails

This glow is courtesy of the power of bringing 6 of the most inspiring, brilliant, talented, creative women together in a room for a night of just straight chilling. @virtuelabs I am so grateful that 1) this is how my hair air dried! 2) you helped to make this amazing night possible!!!

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