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Dena Julia Smith (Stern)  I'd never survive Zombie Armageddon, I can barely stand to drink water that's not carbonated.


I've been in a deep dive on @ameliaasays plagiarism in beauty expose and I have to say - I have never been prouder to be a #glossierrep here I am wearing stretch concealer, mascara, cloud Paint in Beam, brow pencil and clear boy brow. I feel like a glowing version of myself and cool and also one of a kind. I feel fresh and healthy and beautiful. It's a powerful and magical thing @emilywweiss has built and I am honored to be a part of it. In a world so filled with crazy, ugly things I think we can all use a little more beauty.

This feels like a really scary time to remind people that my father was taken to Auschwitz when he was 14 for being Jewish, but it also feels like a really scary time not to. #tbt to my papa who would want me to brave but also safe.

Family brunch πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

When you've loved someone for so long you always end up wearing at least one matching article of clothing. #whitecoatsyndrome I don't know what this hashtag means I hope it isn't terrible 😘😘 @jskenley

When @hairstorystudio asked me to give up ALL my products for a month and just use new wash I was like, "nope, nope, nope" - and then I did my research. Not only is the founder the same genius behind Bumble and Bumble, but the technical science backs it up. The main ingredient in most shampoos is Sodium Laurel Sulfate and water. SLS is bad for hair, that's why I stopped washing it more than once a week. Maybe they were right and all the conditioners, masks, treatments and oils are just repairing the damage my shampoo is causing. And so I have accepted the dare. Eeeeeee. I'll be posting photos every time I wash. Starting with today. Have to admit I want it to work because I am lazy, I don't feel good, and two steps sounds awesome right now. More info in my stories πŸ˜˜πŸ‘‹

Glittering, gold leaf lids #beautyblogger πŸ‘‹πŸ˜˜

I did write a blogpost today, it was about @glossier bdc. This is a world that needs more sweetness.

This is my father Andrew. He was 14 when he was taken to Auschwitz. Before that he spent almost two years starving in a ghetto. This neo-nazi bullshit is fucking terrifying for me, so much so that I almost didn't post this picture. I am afraid. I've seen what a charismatic, insane leader can do to a marginalized culture. I am afraid, and I feel powerless in a world where I thought I could trust people to learn from the mistakes of the past. I feel afraid, because how can I possibly ever do enough to end this ignorance and hatred that has ben fomenting below modern society unchecked. If my father were alive right now he would be ashamed of this country - the country he fought so long and hard to get to so his children wouldn't have to be afraid.

90s couple of your dreams #selfie

I hope you all enjoy this gratuitous amount of glamour shots of my "michelada garnish tray" just add beer and @clamato and people think you're so fancy... (I replaced my lame iPhone photos with these puppies - I'm so stinking proud of my variation of a secret recipe from @hotmesskitchenbook that I like to call "make it look good for the internet." that's where you spend zero time preparing the food,but all the time plating it. I called this version the "michelada garnish tray" all that's missing is @clamato and beer. It has limes sliced in salt,and in @tajinoficial clasico, plus clasico in a pretty cup for the rim salt, sweet peppers and olives from jars, cute napkins and a gold vintage ice bucket. I put it on parchment paper because it looks fancy and also means I don't have to wash the plate later. Everyone was very impressed... @gabimoskowitz @igaelgm miss you guys)

@sandycheeks219 homemade funfetti cake smells almost like the @glossier birthday balm dot com (just saying - #content) #glossierrep #seeyoueverywhereboo

last nights lewk gilded messy "gold leaf" eyes care of the @patmcgrathreal limited edition metamorphosis 05 in bronze aka my favorite eyeshadow ever of all time ever 😩 #beautyblogger #motd

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