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Chandler Bustamante🍍🌺  ⠀⠀⠀ 🌸Where Focus Goes Energy Flows🔮 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍌RAW VEGANS🌱 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀•Walking the path less traveled• 🌏Van living on the Big Island of Hawaii🤙🏼


Go wherever your intuition takes you🌸

Coocoo for coconuts🤙🏼


More and more each day my mind, heart and body completely slow down to watch this guy. During these past few weeks after praying and praying and taking some magical herbs, I have opened up my heart and slowed down completely to where I feel like the only thing in the sight of my eyes is this little guy🤗 He is dancing and running and jumping and so giggly and so full of happiness and life. And I've realized after being really tough on myself for so long, that this is because of how I have raised him. So many people tell me, "Man, to have the childhood that he has🙌🏼," and it took me a while to sit back and realize this. Instead of junk food, he gets (and prefers) watermelon🍉 and strawberries🍓 and Avocado🥑 and it's all he could want and need🤷🏼‍♀️ Instead of toys all over the place, he gets interactions ALL DAY long with people, of all ages, of all walks of life, with different stories and different energies. Instead of television or an iPad, he gets this behind him🌊 and he adores it! Instead of living in a materialistic city, we are surrounded by our Tribe who takes Ganja, does drum circles and eats coconuts and fruit all day long🙌🏼 It's been a lot of work, yes. It's been intense, and has taken every bit of my energy to stay on my toes and always make sure he has the best of everything. And how funny is it that at least in my opinion, and in Leo's opinion, the best of everything isn't the American Dream? It's not a fancy car, or a big huge house, or big T.vs or iPads and iPods. This is the exact life that I planned out and wanted for Leo. Man it feels good. Just a simple reminder to always ALWAYS follow your intuition about how you feel about everything. Never take others advice if it doesn't suit you. The people will move on someday if you want them to and you'll still be living your life and they will still be living theirs 🤙🏼☀️



Come together and share the Abundance✨☀️🌻 📷: @dothitsthespot 🌸💜 #KohalaAinaFestival


I just want this☀️ To live on a plot of land like this with my son and my dog and a Donkey, some ducks and a full garden. Oh and hi Maui👋🏻 I'll see you soon! 🌴

Let them FLOW✨


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