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Leonie Shearing  Illustrator & Character designer. Lover of leopard print and gin. A child trapped in a mum's body, much to the humiliation of my kids 😁❤️💪🏻✌🏻️

Listening to Woman’s Hour on Radio4 yesterday and up came a section about losing your Mum. I was a bit nervous about sticking with it knowing how much I still miss mine, but in actual fact it was really good to hear other women sharing their loss too. It changes in time, this grief thing..never forgotten, always missed..but you learn to keep on going. And the feathers that fall from the sky and land at my feet are, as far as I’m concerned, little reminders that she’s still here. #motherlove #motherlessdaughters #bereavement #memories #radio4 #womanshour

Ok peeps it’s almost the end of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month. Time to check your poo! I almost lost my dad and then 2 years later sadly my mum passed away from this bloody horrible thing. I’m considered at risk and so am very aware of what to look for - but are you?! I’ve quickly drawn up 5 symptoms - if you notice any of these PLEASE GET CHECKED!! You’re never too young.. I’ve been following @bowelbabe and her unbelievable journey - read her story ❤️then check yourself! #bowelcanceruk #bowelcancerawarenessmonth #cancersucks #macmillancancersupport #cancerresearchuk

This bonkers, brilliant, frustrating and total pot of joy is 11 today. Happy birthday Evie Wonder! Xx❤️

This illustration was for endpapers for a book I did with Simon and Schuster. Bees are buzzing all over the cherry blossom in my garden at the moment but the reality is that due to pesticides, loss of habitat and our determination to deck and pave rather than plant they are dying out at a great rate. So plant some bee friendly flowers this weekend! Get a Bee Saver Kit from Friends Of the Earth! Don’t use pesticides that contain neonicotinoids.. save our little buzzy,furry friends!!
#saveourbees #bees #nopesticides #characterdesign #childrensbooks #dippen

Big up the Easter bunny!! Enjoy those eggs peeps!! #mustkeepgoing #deadlines #easterbunny #easter #characterdesign #dippen

Facing a late night finishing a piece of artwork..so wishing you all a Happy Easter!! #easterweekend #easter #dippenandink #watercolours #childrensbookillustration

Today’s been a brainstorming day. I’ve been hammering out new characters. I like to imagine them sitting beside me, alongside my regular pig and chicks who seem to follow me everywhere! #brainstorming #characterdesign #pencildrawing #chickens #pig #easterbunny #catinahat#blackwingpencil

Diary entry:- Today was one of those days when I really judged my parenting skills. Neither of my kids were particularly happy and very clingy. I really wanted to instill them with shedloads of confidence..”come on kids let’s march to school like we mean business!” kind of thing.. instead I left them both upset at school and I went home and had a little cry. Wanting to be a mother hen and also let your chicks go and explore is the hardest job ever isn’t it..and breathe...#singleparent #parenting #motherhen #chicken #characterdesign#dippen #watercolor

Quick diary entry:- today was Chucks sports relief run. He had panicked all night about it. He’s a big boy for his age and struggles to keep up. So I promised to run alongside him. The teary face transformed half way through to one of determination. I had given him a huge crown to wear which slipped over his eyes and to some might have looked hilarious. But to me he was a little trooper. He battled through his fear..A right old softie like his mum. Poor little chap! #sonlove #characterdesign #sportsrelief2018 #determination #dippenandink #dippen #drawingdaily #diary

Working on new characters today for a commission ..it’s all about hats! #pencildrawing #characterdesign #hats #catsinhats #childrensbooks #childrensbookillustration

Little doorways everywhere in Hastings. Think this is my theme for this trip.. #doorways #hastings #pencildrawing #reportage #dailydrawing

Just a quick Thankyou to everyone who has supported me over the past year. It’s been a huge learning curve and I’m now so excited about what lies ahead!! I’m currently in Hastings having a couple of days break - drawing, reading and walking. However I’ve still managed to knock up a character just for Instagram..Never Without my dip pen!Will add colour later after a walk...hopefully!! Happy Wednesday peeps ❤️#dippens #dippenandink #characterdesign #thankyou #welldeservedbreak #leonieshearing

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