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Léonie  Doctor in dental surgery💉 Founder of @leonieaccessories💣 Painting white roses red 🌹 A traveler and I'm taking you with me🌎


Deep down... I know where my heart belongs. 🎈 #paris

I started celebrating my #birthday 1 month earlier this year. Thank you so much @ramzinjeim for the lovely surprise. I feel so grateful for having you by my side throughout the years! #childhoodbesties #brothafromanothamotha 🙈🎂🎁🎆



This little one just GOT MARRIED!! #thesugas2017 #wedding #MYBESTIEJUSTGOTMARRIED #summer2017 #moh

This day is a very special day for all of us, because your happiness means alot to us. Can’t believe you’re getting married !! And can’t wait to witness all of it! Mario is one lucky man because you'll make his mornings brighter and his nights sweeter! And... If he ever hurts you, I hope he knows you have an army of women ready to take him down. Hahaha love you both SO MUCH! Congratulations my #sweethearts. | #bestfriend #maidofhonor #wedding #TheSugas2017 #summer2017 #love

It's my BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY! cheers to getting lost in #Paris because you know better than google maps. Cheers to drinking a jar of sangria in #Barcelona. Cheers to flight delays. Take offs. Arrivals. Cheers to having ALOT of beer in Amsterdam. Cheers to my travel buddy. Cheers to a beautiful person inside out. Cheers to the sweetest heart and to MY ONE AND ONLY SIIIIIS! LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIIIIN 🙌🎡👑

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