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Meghann Early  ✨Intuitive Tarot Card Reader ✨Spiritual Consultant/ Magical Motivator ✨Candle & Crystal Magick✨

I have a daily Guidance for you guys but first let me post a selfie

✨Last few hours to get your fixed candle orders in for this round of shipping✨ LINK IN BIO To Purchase ✨

✨DAILY GUIDANCE ✨The 9 of Pentacles, the 8 of swords, and the 2 of wands speaks about a choice. Today you will have to choose a path. You can choose to keep yourself stuck in the past or in your current dream of mind. You can choose to block out things you don’t want to deal with and remain blind to people and things that continue to take advantage of you-Or you can thrive. The 9 of pentacles speaks about freedom and independence, Money moves and feeling whole and complete by yourself. This state of mind will allow for you to get to the vibration where the only people coming into your life from this point on are those that will support, encourage, and love. Be yourself what you want others to be to you. ✨💕✨(via Morgan Greer mini tarot)

✨Last Day to order Fixed candles for next shipment is Tuesday May 22nd! These will ship the following week!✨ LINK IN BIO TO PURCHASE

Why are you allowing people to treat you this way?✨

Fixed candle testimonial/ I didn’t want to share too much of the person’s business. Remember when using a Road Opener and asking for communication you will receive the communication you NEED to hear to open up blockages maybe. it always the communication your WANT to hear. // Next shipment in candles is after the full moon so order this weekend to make sure they don’t sell out! // ✨Link in Bio✨

✨WEEKEND GUIDANCE ✨This weekend is all about moving into your new beginning. Have you left behind the people and things that don’t serve you? have you released the past hurt and pain? When you release you allow all the things that are meant for you to come towards you at a rapid speed. Get ready for all kind s fo shifts, communication, abundance to come your way this weekend even if you don’t have any plans set up at the moment. The most magical things can happen the most spontaneously.🔮🌟✨

Hoping to have this done and ready for you guys to download by Monday. what questions do you guys have about #manifesting ? // ask them in the comments so I can answer them all. Yes videos will be Included as well ✨

✨DAILY GUIDANCE ✨10 of Wands & Queen of Swords 🌟Cut out the things,
places and people that no longer serve you and you will find you no longer have to carry the burdens, problems and negativity of others around with you. Aren’t you tired? 🔮🌟


Adjusted the settings and fixed candles will ship Internationally for about $22. Up to 3 fit in a Priority flat rate for whatever the weighted cost is! 🙌🏽

Where is your reading? Please watch the instructional video I Just added to Youtube!

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