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love > hate || 5 days || #1  kinky winky @ brandon


call me baby boy @ brandon
find on your own.

i low-key feel like everyone is against me what do i do...

— r. jacob sartorius.
'02. fourteen. libra. loves the word daddy. gets upset when nobody pays attention to him. muser. cringe king!1!1. mel's lil brotha. brandons baby boy. shortie. very tiny. submissive?¿. may twenty eight. loves kissing boys. leondre devries trash. joey birlem stan. lowkey a dancer jkjk. lap sitter. vv babyish. clingy af. everyones favourite fukboi. sweatshirt boi. sigs best friend!1!1. useless trivia. very emotional. gets hurt very easily. loves being called baby boy. brandon is daddy!1. blackbear. gnash. 13rw conspiracy theories. melanie martinez. troye sivan.

(nmm) hiiiii it's your baby buddy here! we've been friends for a long time so why not write you something!! anyway im sorry if this is extremely short but i can't write¡!¡! so we always act like babies together and it's fun because i just am such a big baby. anyway, you give really good hugs and i just love you. im sorry ive been distant lately but ive been like that with everyone. i don't know why though. this is short && crappy but enjoy!!

one week, my love.

i miss my dork.

soul mate

ˈsōl ˌmāt/


noun: soulmate

a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

eleven more days!!!

hanleigh is forever m8s.

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