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Leona Lewis 


Liona 🦁
Hair 💁🏽‍♀️: @benclockonego
Makeup💄: @janebmakeup

Spending the day mentoring with these 2 lovelies @iamjhud @mojamil on @thevoiceuk 🎤❤️

This is not goodbye my little friend. In our 10 years together you have filled my heart with so much love, laughter & joy. You touched everyone who met you, they nicknamed you ‘the dog bunny’ because you acted like one of the pack & would stand on your little hind legs to get stroked & petted by everyone that came into my house. I’ll miss the little kisses you’d give me on my nose & the way you’d run around & jump in the air when you were excited. I never had a rabbit before but when I saw you on the side of the road that day I didn’t know how much you’d teach me about animals & the fact that every animal not just dogs can be amazing companions. You taught me compassion & opened my eyes to the many kinds of animals out there that are so sweet, kind & sentient just like you. You opened my heart to the many rabbits, goats, cows, birds that I’ve supported in being rescued since we met, because every animal deserves compassion & safety. That is why this is not goodbye. You have fueled my passion to continue to be a voice for those that don’t have one. I don’t know how such a little thing could have such a huge impact but you did. You’re always with me little girl, thank you for the memories. Love always, your mama bun 💕

My ladies are my Valentines tonight ❤️ love you girlies 🌹💋

I am proudly supporting @CaitlinKydd #Kisses4Wishes campaign for @raysofsunshinecc who help brighten the lives of children with serious illnesses ❤ Help share the #love by texting 'KISS03 £3' to 70070 to donate £3 💋

This song spoke so deeply to my heart when I first heard it & turning it into a duet with the immensely talented @calumscott has been such a special experience 🙏🏾💕So happy I can share it with everyone & put a little love into the world at a time when we really need it ❤️ I hope this song will remind you to let the ones you love know how much they mean to you & cherish the precious time you have with them. Check out the link in my bio to hear this little treasure ✨ #youarethereason

Yes I’m happy because the #blackpanthermovie is everything I thought it would be & more #blackexcellence ✨💕. 💁🏽‍♀️: @benclockonego 💄: @janebmakeup 💅🏾: @stephie_nails

Put on my fiercest dress tonight for the #blackpanthermovie I’ve been hyped for over a year since I heard it was coming out 😝 It was everything & more. Growing up I didn’t see myself or my family represented on screen as super heroes. We were unseen, or misrepresented in a stereotypical manner. What I saw tonight was powerful women warriors, intellectual young female scientists & positive black super heroes. This film has challenged the narrative & as a proud mixed race woman, I’m inspired & deeply moved. Because of this movie my little nephews will see themselves in a superhero, because of this movie my little god daughters will see themselves in the smart inventor or the fierce warrior woman. We are being SEEN & our stories are being shared in a most beautiful light. I’m excited about future films that this will open the gates for 🙌🏾✨

So proud of you Mum 🙌🏾 Your dedication & passion over the years has been so inspiring. You teach me that we must always continue to grow, evolve & seek our truth. You helped me heal myself through your wisdom & love of natural medicine & now you can officially go out into the world as a naturopathic practitioner & help others heal themselves. Congratulations on your 2nd bachelors, I know there will be more to come because you never stop! Shout out to my dad & all the men out there who support their women to be empowered leaders! I’m very grateful for such incredible role models in my life ✨

I sing for love, I sing to reach deep into my heart & in turn reach yours. Thank u for a beautiful night Austria ✨

“We shall over come” #womensmarch 💕

Feeling high from the amazing love and power at the #womensmarch today ✊🏾🌸So inspired by so many strong beautiful Women and Men standing together 🙏🏾

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