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Leonard Mathew Lucius Teo  The Joy of the Lord is my Strength and I will call upon this strength when I am weak for I am his beloved son.

Got my bar muscle up yesterday after a long while. Also worked up to 65kg for a power clean, hang squat clean jerk complex and then some clean pulls at 80kg

When @chuanyuuu says he's running a little late but ends up not turning up at all. 😧 oh well. Did the snatch workout and managed to get to 50kg on a hang snatch, TNG snatch and overhead squat and then alot of snatch pulls. Pretty sure my pubic bone is bruised.

HAPPY MARRIAGE WEDDING DAY @maxho86 AND @saraming :) I'm so happy for you two and I'm really honoured and blessed to have witnessed today. Thank you for being people that I can always talk to, 2 people who have been friends, mentors, a facil throughout the years. Here's to your marriage ahead and get some rest tonight! :)

I think this post deserves a post on its own because I can't explain how proud I am of my mum. My mum turns 61 in January, she weighs in at 50kg and she just deadlifted her body weight, with ease I might add. In the year that she's been doing crossfit, she has lowered her Bone mineral density by 20 years. She also ran 400m non stop not long ago. She is SMASHING what people think that as you get older, you can't learn new things and you can't be healthy. She is a HUGE INSPIRATION to not just me but everyone at the box. @crossfit thank you for allowing people like my mum to get a new lease on life. @crossfitbukittimah Pride.
@ceciliamypkwok you are amazing mum. :)

PR on deadlift!!! I wanted to hit 140kg today which is my 2017 goal, topping my previous PR of 125. Instead came in and did 157KG. Double body weight. This PR along with my 130kg back squat on Monday just shows hard work pays off. I can't explain how happy I am with this. But you can probably tell from my screaming. Thank you so much @chuanyuuu @jedelliotong and everyone at @crossfitbukittimah for everything. To all those hitting PRs. You all are inspirations and monsters! :) Also... reppin @carrichey & @wanderlust_pocahontas during my back squat.

Oh man, I will always love to spend time with these people. You guys are huge blessings in my life and huge reminders that God is more than enough. You guys never fail to bring out the best in me and although the past months have been utterly terrible, seeing you guys made my day and my week. I love you guys and miss you all. Keep being angels you all:)

There's no better time to PR than on the competition floor! Team of 3 to find a 1RM clean!
75kg Power clean (PR)
85kg squat clean (PR)
87.5kg squat clean (PR)
Enjoy my 90kg fail face xD
Also Jon hitting 85kg yeeeebehbeh
Our ladies of CFBT just dominating and winning the lift off with a total of 515lbs lifted! Good job!
Good job team @crossfitbukittimah @vodoxus @marsk.ong
Thank you @opbrokenwing #obw2017

People ask:"what do you do on a cruise?" Well the answer to that question that @dairymilkmilk and I have for you is... eat. ALOT. Like 4 entrees in one sitting alot. And dance alot. And eat some more. Pretend to be a model. Pretend to be a crossfitter On a ship. Eat more. And relax! It's a vacation:) Thank you @royalcaribbean you never fail to disappoint!

NEW PR 110KG BACK SQUAT. Can go for more but I'll save it :) also 80, 75, 70 kg Split Jerks.

Lasagne anyone?? It's been awhile since I've picked up my knife, pretty pleased that I haven't lost all my sense of taste. Heh :) 0

Good day of training. Worked up to 80kg for 3 for front squats. Then 3 sets of 8 at 50kg. Did the WOD and then did some barbell cycling. 40kg and 45kg. On the road to strong legs :)

Been going a bit nuts and just writing and writing haha.

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