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Leonard Mathew Lucius Teo  The Joy of the Lord is my Strength and I will call upon this strength when I am weak for I am his beloved son.

Missing the people along with all the rest of the SOWers and my dearest SS and Choir people. First Easter Sunday ever that I haven't celebrated. It's been a real tough day in army but having little encouragements from my dearest community members keeps me going... I miss being able to go to church, miss seeing my community, miss having comfort of my own family and home but I know that the harder than place, the higher the praise. To all my community, I love you and miss you, can't wait to see you all soon and happy Easter. :)

I've been chasing my 60kg snatch since November last year and today I finally got it! Second last training session before I enter army was a fruitful one.

Had a great morning with these wonderful people, walked for like 2 hours, saw some monkeys, went on to really high bridge, ate some food. All in all, productive morning! Next time I see them, I'll be bald. :( thanks for a great morning!

It's been exactly a month since SOW17 has ended and truthfully, it's been a pretty tough month. So many times has the thought that nothing in me has changed and that I'm still the same old person crossed my mind. But those are all lies. The truth is that I am a son of God and he will never forsake me. "Come all you sons and daughters, come let the broken sing." Throughout the last week's of SOW, we heard this song played over and over again but truly, all you sons and daughters, come to the Father. I acknowledge that I'm broken, I acknowledge all the fears I'm facing with army approaching, the fears of uni and the future. But I am also surrendering it to God, the same way I surrendered in those 8 weeks of SOW. The truth is that I am beloved, it may not be constantly on my mind but it's the truth and I can always go back to that truth.
To my SOW17 batchmates, no matter what you're doing now, where you are. Take a moment to surrender it to God, everything you're going through, lift it up to him the way we did in morning P&W sessions and just remember that the God of angel armies is on our side.
To the previous SOW batches, if you happen to read this. You too, take a moment, reflect back on how tangibly you felt God's love in your SOW and recognise how he's worked in your life since then.

The journey is not over, but with God on my side and walking beside me, I'll continue to fight.

I'm gonna miss training once I enter army... but yesterday managed to get 2 rep overhead squat at 55kg. So that's good... I guess?

Had a great time yesterday, relearning how to cycle and watching @abigailwong_ learn to ride a bike and learn to ride a scooter.
I love these people because they are all so supportive :) First time having mookata as well!

Who knew clearing leaves off roofs and cleaning storerooms would be fun, but then again, any time spent with the SOWers is a good time. :) we got sun tanned while getting Son tanned ;) #SOWcontinues #SOW17adventures

Went to support our dearest @abigailwong_ this morning! Obviously, we were way too noisy and made her embarrassed to know us, but is there any other way SOWers roll?
Good luck for tomorrow abi! MVP! Chase the Frisbee like you chase Jesus!

SOW17 X Gardens By The Bay! Loved the cherry blossoms. :)

LOW KOON BOYS!! Cell Supper with these guys, I love them so much. Sadly our cell group leader couldn't make it but still, it's been too long since we've last met up! :)

IT'S A GREAT DAY TODAY! Got my first muscle up! And then another! When at first you don't succeed, you try again! Sorry for the immodest shirtless me... but I didn't expect to get it hahaha.

The Lord your God will never forsake you. :)
It's been 2 weeks after SOW and the anxiety of enlistment gets more and more each day. But it's an opportunity for me to surrender these fears daily to God, knowing that He has set the path before me and he walks with me, never leaving my side, protecting me, that's all I could ever need.
Are you afraid of anything in the future? Will you be courageous and place those fears at the foot of the cross and trust that God is with you through it all?

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