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Leonard Mathew Lucius Teo  The Joy of the Lord is my Strength and I will call upon this strength when I am weak for I am his beloved son.

If you told me 7 years ago that today I would meet the people who inspired me to start dancing, I would think you're joking, despite not dancing for years, meeting @dtrix @ryanigram and @freakinaris in person was UNREAL. You guys are so cool and I really appreciate you taking the time to chat and thank you Dom for a kickass lesson, made me feel out of my comfort zone but hey, what's life without laughing at yourself right? @questcrew y'all awesome, seriously.
Side note. Of course @caitlinann___ kicked my ass cos my body didn't know how the hell to move. 😂

Thanks for a great night guys, reminded me of a more relaxed, easier time in poly when y'all were dragging my ass to class to make sure I didn't fail another module 😂 years later, same laughter and trouble. :)

You are my strength. Strength like no other.

Not bad for a first try :) but just a reminder that everyone is greatly loved!!!

A million dreams is all it's gonna take us to a Little House of Dreams! twas a great Friend-LENTines day brunch :)

Zendaya and Zac Efron yoooo. No I'm kidding. But still hehe. Thank you @caitlinann___ for making me watch The Greatest Showman cos I honestly wouldn't have watched it if it wasn't for you, but now the soundtrack is stuck in my head... Oh well. Hope my voice doesn't make everyone's ears bleed. Okay bye :)

Valentine's Day snatches :) working on a getting used to touch and go snatches. 9 days to the open and I am not feeling ready at all... :/ dave castro please don't be a prick...

Saturday, a few of us took part in @sgteamrumble and represented @crossfitbukittimah and along with my amazing team, I accomplished a dream I've always had since I started crossfit almost 2 year ago, which was to stand on a podium, no matter the competition and not only did it happen, I stood, alongside Sean and Ko, on top. The photo evidence of the fun but the pain that went down on Saturday, thank you team for pushing me through those workouts, yall are amazing. Good job to the fellow competitors, especially those taking part in a competition for the first time, you guys did amazing. Good job to everyone and thank you SGteamRumble for organising. Thanks @thejeanne for the photos also... reppin @carrichey :)

Number 5! Thank you @cynthiafolia for this amazingly beautiful piece. It was well and truly worth the vait, I mean wait. Hehe. You're a wonderfully talented woman and it is an honour having your art on my body. :) enjoyed the 4.5 hours despite being in pain. But once again thank you for tolerating my nonsense for that long haha, superb job!

The face you make when you get a PR of a 65kg snatch. (Last video). Worked up to a heavy pause power snatch, and pause squat. Then decided to just try for a new PR. Missed 62kg like 4 times and then ended up getting 65:)

The past week has been a week that I know, without community, I would not have gotten through. It's been emotionally draining, spiritually straining, physically exhausting and everything in between but I know God is calling me to lay my burdens down because I can't do this alone. I can't see What's coming over the hill, whether it's gonna beat me down or lift me up but I know God is going to be beside me through it all. Thank you every one who has been there this week, and all my life.

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