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leomalaya  My life signed in soul. Reflect the wisdom- respect the art forms. Devoted to my craft my family my rituals. In the Highest RESPECT


Get ghost for a bit. It's good for the soul- fast from the gram and check w reality.
So many casualties. Strength isn't an option these days. Ancestors got our back, but let's keep em in our chest our hearts to carry us forward. #steadfast #soulcarver #royallines_ #process #soul #armor #athousandwords

Ironic that a hand can "stand" for something. ✊🏾✌🏾✊🏾

Head figure, guided by that star light focus. Bird ascends in that middle path direct. See life through your children's eyes. Life giving tree, gives shade, provides shelter.
The sacred in the ordinary' •
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Slidin back to the bay like...
Shout out to @orb4444 #circleoffire #soulshifters #knowledgepiece #shamansquadron

Set to rise

Moonwalking, time travel
New day, more truth unravel
Mars landing, space gravel
Mankind still a fight and squabble
iPod, King James Bible
Slingshot onto long cal. rifle
Tower of Babel, Tower of Eiffel
Twelve month a year, but thirteen disciple
Saddam, Bin Laden, Gaddafi, Idi Amin
Call of duty, drone bombin'
Stealth bomber, more famine
Biometrics, eye scannin'
We report bodysearch and swappin'
More police arrest men fa nothin'
More stick-up and random bank robbin'
Sufferation, lost wagon
Equal wonderin' conflict we're having
Chain grabba, hijackin'
Nowadays is computa hackin'
ID thief an' credit card scammin'
Social network, bloggin' an spammin'
Hi-def TV, surround sound pannin'
Next generation, FIFA & Madden

More problem, more panic
Suddenly now more planets
More places man can inhabit
Colonize and breed up like rabbits
Contaminate and spread dirty habit
Crosspopulate and thief dem knowledge
I said it right back in the college
Meanwhile they call 'em savage

What will the future bring for me
'Cause know 'bout why many things are cold
What will the future bring
What will the future bring
What will the future bring for me
If my little son is seven years old
What will the future bring for him
What will the future bring

What's real life?
What's virtual?
What's fiction?
What's factual?
Who's partial?
Who's neutral?
What's not real?
What's natural?
Who's actin'?
Who's actual?
What's cheap talk?
What's action?
What's ours?
What's fractioned?
What's plus or subtraction?
Aquarius, then Pisces
Al Qaeda, then ISIS
Stock markets in crisis
Government raise tax and prices
Countless warships on the high seas
Gang war and the streets full of sirens
Like wi-fi at the high speed
Shot a shell, like grains of rices
Mother ball, I beg dem why please
Man a fall, head a roll like lychees
One and all, get cold like night breeze
Man at arms

What will the future bring
You far from the animals, face extinction
What will the future bring for us
What will the future bring
What will the future bring
No more ancient scrolls to give direction
What will the future bring for me
What will the future bring

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