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Leoby  "I'm finding my wings so I can fly and soon I'll be on my way."🛫❤

I am in my 6th and finalweek of training, believe it or not! It has been such a crazy experience being away from home for this long for the first time. Of course I miss my family and friends, but I also really miss all the good food from back home in Southern California! What I've missed the most has been pho and Vietnamese coffee!!
And for 6 weeks I have been eating the same menu food from the training center.
..but tonight my boyfriend made me feel like the happiest girl! He ordered me Vietnamese food and had it delivered to me at the training center! He knows the best way to my heart is through my tummy ❤
Thanks Babe!! See you in a week!

Precious cargo in the overhead bins today 😜🛫❤
Had a great work trip with Rachel

Missing my friends so much!!! Can't wait to be home soon!
11 more days!

I meant to post this a few days ago but let me just brag a little!
I am so incredibly proud of this girly! After 6 and a half weeks, she earned her wings with American Airlines!
Jowelle and I, ironically, met last summer at LAX, sitting next to eachother on a flight to San Francisco. It was definitely fate that brought us together. Our hometowns are minutes from eachother, and we ended up at training just two weeks apart.
Congrats Jowelle, on your big accomplishment! I wish you nothing but great travels in Chicago! 🛫❤
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....here's the big news I had waited so long for!


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Incase you didn't know, Valentines day is my FAVORITE holiday!....and today was just an incredible day!!!
I have the best Valentine AND I finally got the exciting news I had been waiting weeks for! (I'll announce soon)
Happy Valentines day everyone!! ❤

Happy Valentines day to the man that sent me two bouquets of flowers because "I really liked these two and thought you deserved it." To the man that is inviting me dinner even though I'm so many states away! (He's ordering me pizza from California) 🤗
I am so lucky to be your girlfriend and I can't wait to see you in two weeks!💑❤❤❤

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY Choco, I love you so much!!! 🐾🎈🎁💙
The hardest part about being at training has been being away from my baby boy!! Two more weeks and I can see my fur child again!
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Dallas➡San Francisco ➡Dallas turnaround.
So thankful for these ladies for making my first work trip so incredible! 🛫❤

I thought I was going to get some pretty cool news today, so I wore my sparkly top to be photo op. ready.
....didn't receive the cool news I was expecting.
A few more days. It's coming, I know it.
Stay tuned.☄

At first I thought it sounded somewhat inspirational, then I realized it was an ad for the credit union offering a loan 🙃😂