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Saved By The Illuminati  I do those stop motion movies things mateys


This video is absolutely fucking incredible! @forrest_whaley

It was tobey's birthday yesterday... What if he ate... PIZZA? Then he could say... P-pi- PIZZA TIME!

I prefer the blue version... #nightwing

First animation I've done in three months. I tried a flash effect before this one but it looked like crap so I made this one, which I actually really like. I started out moving him like a normal figure running and then increased the stud distance until it was always two studs from the last position and then decreased it.

Why are people suddenly posting Tobey Maguire pics

I be back from vacation me dudes

I'm gonna be gone for a week (vacation) so I'll be really inactive. Just a heads up. I'll delete this post once I'm back.



Left or right for my (new) Batman series?

When you don't have anything to post so you just post tobey maguire faces

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