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Keith Causton  My daily space for posterity: #DadLife 👨‍👩‍👧 #FitforLife 💪 #fitforduty 👮🚓 #StudyLife 👨‍🎓📖 #LensYourLifestyle 📷


On duty today at Festival on High with @corey_bush2018 - got a photo opp with the mayor of Georgina, Margaret Quirk!

Name that tune! #expeliarmus

Training night! #medicalfirstresponder Tonight our unit (910) teamed up with 975 to take part in a multiple casualty incident; a van struck a motorcycle. Everything from arrival, assessment, taking vitals, using radios, extraction, and backboarding ... Whew what a night! Hats off to everyone, great work! @corey_bush2018 @dancrawford01 @sja_york

SWIPE!! ▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️

My boy got me a rock for father's day, and this morning, came out running before I left the house saying, "Daddy, don't forget your rock!" So now it's on my dashboard as I head to class. 😍 #adorable #dadlife

Couldn't resist! #dadlife

The most amazing and mesmerizing thing about fireworks, in my opinion, is not the snaps and pops, nor the colours or patterns; but the way the light from the tiny explosions envelops the shapes of those watching, if only for a fleeting moment. From unintelligible darkness comes a frozen moment in time where a fragment of light surrounds and betrays the silhouettes nearby. And I especially love that you don't need colour to appreciate it. #photography #photographer #lifestylephotography #fireworks #canada150

Let the cottage weekend begin! #canadaday #stillwater

Boy, clouds sure make for breathtaking views, if only for a fleeting moment. #cellphoneshot #countrylife #vista #rainclouds

Drive in tonight! #bugspray #dadlife

Haha ... @zandergriff @wazeer_rahman our next challenge?

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