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Lenses Factory HK  Hong Kong Based prop makers and cosplayers.We make props and costumes! Member: 🕷@cavin126 🐶@billy_cena_369 ⬇️YouTube Channel⬇️

Sorry for the absent recently, I was working on the FFH pattern and I have 3 pieces left and it will be finished! Still on schedule for our Halloween project! And Wing is doing the shipping of the fifth run of mechanical lenses, sorry for the delay, cause he was doing a final check on the system, we want to make sure the new system will work smoothly before shipping it out! Shipping normally takes around 2 to 5 days if there are no any custom checks and we will send the tracking once we shipped all the packages.

For the FFH suit, hopefully I could get it done by Halloween🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Really tight schedule!
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The colour of this suit is really a mystery.....
#spiderman #avengers #farfromhome #spidey

Alright, not again🤦🏻‍♂️ Blue or Black?
#spidermanps4 #avengers #farfromhome #farfromhome

I’m still so hype in the new FFH suit! I will make a FFH test suit before Halloween and here are some updates on our homecoming suit! We finally get the right colour for the red fabric!

Besides, we will be start selling after October and the price will be announced soon, stay tuned!!
#farfromhome #avengers #spidey #spidermanps4

Apparently he’s Peter!!!! @tomholland2013 in his new FFH suit!!!
#avengers #spidey #props #spiderman

Far from home suit!!!! Really look like a mix of miles and superior suits, what do you think?
#avengers #spidey #props #spidey

Can’t wait to finish this suit!
#marvelstudios #marvel #spidey

New screen print press has finally arrived!
And here is a test print for our homecoming suit!

What do you think?
#marvelstudios #marvel #spidey

Did a test print with our new screen and I’m quite satisfy with this result!
And the fifth run of sales will be shipped in these two days, we will send the tracking by email, make sure to check your email for shipping info👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
#spidey #marvelstudios #marvel

Almost ready to ship, all I have to do is glue the mask on the shell and it’s done! All the fifth run of mechanical lenses will be shipped in the following 2 to 3 days, I know a lot of you have been asking me on when will be the next run of sales, I really appreciate all the support from you guys but I will need a little rest after this run, making a full set of shell and lenses really require a hack-lot of steps and I’m trying to reduce most of the steps with 3D printing technique, I will run some tests on a new model and hopefully get it done and ready for sale by the end of October. Besides, I know some of you are my patron and wondering why I’m not updating that much through there, I promise, I will make one post per week exclusively to our patrons (Every Friday) So if you want to get exclusive content from us, you could become our patron, I will be posting a link up in next post, stay-tuned! And make sure to turn on the post notification to get the latest news from us!
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🙈🙈I really love how the texture comes out at last and our new screen for the blue part is finally arrived! I’m gonna make a new Homecoming suit before Halloween!
Stay-tuned and make sure to turn on the post notification to get the latest news from us!

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