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L E N K A  Style with Substance - Creating Conscious Beauty. Be Unapologetically You! In a hand crafted ethical couture gown. YES for marriage equality!! 🌈Xx

Friday Night Inspo ~ So in love with this simple, fairly natural but dramatic makeup look for some Friday night fun!! ~ A beautiful canvas for your own individuality to shine through👌🏻 ~ Who’s with me?! 🙌🏻✨💙 Image via @_anti_bride #fridaynightinspo #makeupinspo #letyourselfshine

Becoming One Magazine ~ So happy to say Lenka Couture is featured in the launch issue! ~ Created as a space where the modern couple can look at wedding inspiration that focuses on telling a story and expressing traditions in new ways ~ All about individuality, telling a story and seeing how something ordinary can be looked at by numerous creatives and then interpreted in completely different ways. They provide you with the connection to enable you to create your own story in a way that is truly your own, unique, meaningful and beautiful ~ @becomingone.co is live on 'virtual' shelves, just follow the link in Bio or via their page! Happy reading everyone! 📷: @yanakleinphoto #becomingone #lenkacouture #yanakleinphotography

LENKA Real Bride ~ Got this little sneak peak of one of my custom creations! ~ I’m so proud to say this gown is made from GOTS Certified Organic Silk Chiffon hand dyed by me to this soft pink using avocado pits 🥑 ~ One of the things I love about the process of dyeing this way is there’s zero waste. The water from the dye bath goes back to the garden and the avocado pits are composted ♻️ ~ Can’t wait to share more photos of this gown on the beautiful bride when I get them 💙🙌🏻 📷: @raphaelrechtproductions #sustainablecouture #consciousbeauty #lenkarealbride #progressnotperfection

Eco Mono ~ It’s the last days of Eco Mono’s pop up shop! Pop in for sophisticated, sustainable styles and grow your eco wardrobe ~ RG @eco.mono MONOCHROME STYLE WITH AN ECO & SOCIAL CONSCIENCE 🖤
$5 from every sale goes to @fash_rev #whomademyclothes ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Featuring brands:

Fashion Revolution ~ A time to remember those lost in the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh 2013 and to grow our awareness of #whomademyclothes ~ Be curious, ask questions, celebrate the brands you know doing good and your own personal wins that help to support a more sustainable, ethical and transparent fashion future ~ When it comes to wedding attire, Who made your wedding gown? Over on the @less_stuff_more_meaning blog you’ll find a post sharing where to find ethical wedding or bridesmaids dresses that respect the makers and the planet. Link in bio 👆🏻 #ecofashion #fashionrevolution #sustainablestyle #bethechange #sustainablecouture

Leave No Woman Behind ~ Celebrating, supporting and empowering all Women globally ~ This year is undoubtedly a year with a strong feminine energy. We are strong resilient amazing creatures and we will not be silenced. We will continue to fight for the respect and equality we deserve, for all women. everywhere. we stand together in love and lift each other up. 💪🏻👊🏻✊🏻 Image via the inspiring Catie from @thestaplestore #internationalwomensday #leavenowomanbehind #girlpower #bosslady

Daily Mail Article ~ So proud and honoured to have been part of this Amazing Eco Wedding between these two beautiful souls Faye and Lee! ~ Link in Bio 👆🏻RP @fayedelanty ~WEDDING WARRIORS 💚🙌🏻♻️
“Feeling pretty chuffed to see our
Planet friendly wedding picked up by the
Mainstream media
Thanks @dailymail 🌿
When I started my green journey seriously
Over 5 years ago most people had no idea
What I was on about
With the common remark being ‘Eco what!?’ 🙈
It’s still a bit of a tricky one to explain at times
However thankfully now after years of persistence and Belief in an eco purpose
It seems to be paying off and the message is getting out There 🙌🏻
Individual impact is powerful and
Lee and I are so proud that we could
Stay true to our values on our special day
Share the space with all the amazing eco artists we joined Forces with to help us
@lenka_couture @dancing_blossom_studio @littlelaneevents @less_stuff_more_meaning @affinitydiamonds
You are true Trail Blazers and innovators ♻️
We hope the choices we made for our wedding inspire you To consider Mother Nature more too
She’s the only lady we gotz so best be good to her y’all no Matter the occasion"
#sustainablecouture #progressnotperfection #consciousbeauty #dailymail #fayedelanty

Liberation and Empowerment ~ The words I’m feeling a strong pull towards for 2018 ~ The feeling of a fresh start and the promise of possibilities to come. Fueled by the liberation from things that no longer nurture or serve us and empowerment from confidence, knowledge, self love and self worth. ~ Feeling strong and ready to do good things, create some beautiful conscious gowns and make a difference! Who’s with me?! ✊🏻✨👊🏻🌿👌🏻🔥 Image via the lovelies @pop_up_gardens #liberation #empowerment #wordoftheyear #progressnotperfection #selfworth

LOVE ~ Feeling nothing but love! 🌈Beautifully captured by the amazing @foxandkin #rainbowloveau #lovewins #marriageequality #loveislove

LOVE WINS! ~ So happy, excited and proud today that Australia voted yes!! ~ Big love to all those lovers out there one step closer to equality ~ Because we should all have equal rights just the way we are 🌈🌈🌈👊🏻✊🏻💙 #loveislove #lovewins
#marriageequality Image via @emmilybanks with a little personal touch 😘

The Today Show! ~ If you’re near an Australian TV or live streaming this morning tune in to @thetodayshow
For a sneak peek into what the amazing @Fayedelanty and her gorgeous fiancé Lee have been planned for their eco chic wedding!
Lots of great tips
Incredible conscious creatives (including myself) they’ve enlisted and
Super clever and meaningful ideas they’ve discovered along the way
To have less stress, less impact on the planet and much more meaning ~ Style and Substance, no compromises 💙🌿✨ 📷: @sandrahenriphotography Tap for dets of all the vendors! #stylewithsubstance #consciousbeauty #lenkacouture #fayedelanty #thetodayshow #weddingwarriors

VOTE YES! ~ Everyone deserves the basic human right of equality! ~ Let’s make the change and show the next generations a fairer future ~ Hurry if you haven’t voted yet you’re almost out of time! Votes close Tuesday at 6pm ~ We can do this! 👊🏻✊🏻💙🌈#loveislove #voteyes #marriageequality

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