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Lenie Gallardo  Design & Fashion with a twist of motherhood. (Graphic designer in HNL) #HunterLuna #PhoenixBelle

AMÉLIE vibes

Lost my grandma to dementia the other week and I've been finding solace in the thought that she is no longer suffering.....been distracting my mind with diy Halloween costume making, funeral planning and trip planning (see you soon Portland).....and been finding smiles in all things whimsy (Jean-Pierre Jeunet creates the best worlds for my mind to escape to🙌🏼).


Bringing practicality back to motherhood. Let's face it, with two kids.....you need to have your hands free during shopping ventures. Plus our Disney store aisles are hella narrow🤷🏻‍♀️

10+ years of being with @hellofranco and we decided to have kids while he was going through the nursing program. It wasn't the "typical" situation for most couples but supporting your husband and letting him shine while putting your design career on hold to take care of your kids was an empowering process. Three years of learning and I'm proud of how strong Franco and I are as a couple today. We've gotten away with a few scathing comments to each other but once we learned how to humble ourselves to our Maker, to each other and to our kids we've become better communicators, stronger lovers and the best at laughing at our own downfalls. In the time that I stayed home feeling a sort of resentment thinking that strength comes from having a budding career I've learned that strength reveals itself when you're feeling the best you've ever felt from leading a more balanced life - career wise (design freelance again), family/marriage life and physical self (from doing Insanity workouts, whoot!💪🏼).

And after 3 years of this "good craziness" I need to plan a family trip! Hunter is already hinting at a place......

This s**t is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Still spring but it sure feels like summer😓 And to think that some people (cheetos colored and such) just don't believe in global warming..... #fixitjesus


For months now my family decided to have my grandma (with #dementia) live with us and taking care of a family member with dementia has been freakishly challenging. On days that my mom would work I'd bounce between breastfeeding my youngest to potty training/alphabet writing/number lessons with my oldest and diaper changing/putting to bed a grown adult. And I bring this up not for sympathy but for ME to create a dialogue with those of you who may have insights with family members dealing with dementia.

Some days my grandma would smile and remember me when I'd bring her to bed and other days it's a blank. I've seen my mom breakdown in being physically exhausted caring for her then being emotionally drained from having her own mom spit cough medicine in her face. And it's crazy to me how this is the same person who used to bring me and her other grandchildren to the mall every weekday for lunch while our parents would work their full time jobs when we were younger! To witness a love one not remember you and react as if you're a stranger is disheartening.

Lately I've been having my Hunter push my grandma in her wheelchair and explain to her how our family dynamics should be. Just like she learns from 'Lilo and Stitch' "'Ohana' means family, nobody gets left behind" and letting her physically see how me (a granddaughter) and my mom (a daughter) care for our matriarch will show her how to care for me when I'm much older. Everyday with children is a challenge to find ways to teach them to be more compassionate not only to those they love, but also to those they SHOULD love.

Lovely mural created by @michelletanguay for Pow Wow Hawaii 2017. #girlpower

“It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” —David Attenborough

Recharging from our natural roots with MY Elsa and Anna.

For those of you participating in the "March For Science" today💪🏼 hell yeah, and THANK YOU! Unplugging for the rest of the day.........(well, atleast until late afternoon) in 3, 2,...........1

Happy Earth Day, everyone🌻

#throwback to my pregnant state 4 weeks before birthing Phoenix naturally.

All life begins with us, WOMEN. How we choose to shape our child's mind by choosing the bits and pieces we share about our society paves paths to future thinkers, presidents, law maker, daredevils, etc. Cheers to you women out there💙 Let's continue on making differences in this world!

Happy International Women's Day #internationalwomensday


When your 3 year old, going on 16, sees every "difference" as a question. I've been finding creative ways to make her realize that the only colors that should matter to her are Pantone colors.

Beautifully dreamy mural by @drewmerritt for Pow Wow Hawaii 2017 #powwowhawaii


The results of listening to THE 'Lemonade' album all morning.

#throwback to the other week when my family treated me to sushi for my birthday lunch and an afternoon spent admiring grand trees.


In my first year of college I struggled with self-acceptance. I had a love for fashion and all things Nylon Magazine related but struggling to fit the ideals of a magazine made me think that cutting out all carbs in my diet, indulging in cucumbers and only green tea would help me look thin. My lack of a solid meal made me collapse one night hitting my forehead on my metal bed frame resulting in this scar on my forehead.

Today I'd normally dodge the hell out of this scar during my edits, crop it out or just clone tool it off. It's shallow as hell, I know, but I've realized that it's a constant reminder for me to always love and accept myself! As a parent in a position of teaching, I'm learning to always improve the way I teach my girls the meaning of love.....and it all starts first with me "loving" myself.

On this 14th don't just make it about the roses/flowers and cards that you give and receive. But redefine how you love others.....and yourself!


When your three year old seems to know how to conduct themselves better.....There are moments when Hunter would catch my husband and I in heated debates and she'd run up to us saying, "stop, stop, stop......be calm, be kind to each other" (these are words that I would tell her on a daily basis after purposely being mean to her 10month old sister). And even a toddler can comprehend when kindness is needed, when kind words need to outweigh the bad. So I look at our real world and wonder why can't we, grown adults, take the cues that we teach our own children to heart?

"Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose....." -Meryl Streep


I upgraded my specs after realizing how awful my eyes have gotten while catching up in one of my freelance design work, and as usual my lil Hunter wanted a pair of her own eyeglasses. I usually look at myself as this anxious goofball so it's crazy when you have a child who admires the things you do, who loves to spend EVERY minute with you, who loves to dress like you and who'll even copy the phrases that you say (2017 and I'm still saying, "bomb!"). And of course I'll take it in since her obsession with me will change once she's in her teen years!!

Lately, we've been making Hunter understand the importance of reading. I'm currently on "#GIRLBOSS" by Sophia Amoruso while Hunter is on "Boo Hoo Bird" by Jeremy Tankard for the millionth time.....in fact I believe half the check out stamps on our library copy is from us, ha!

For all you mamas or bookworms out there, what books would you recommend for little ones?

That moment when Hunter whispers only sweet things in my ears. I watched her infinite love for the water flourish. I need to enroll this one in swim lessons quick! #staycation at #Aulani for this family💙

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