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Lena Dunham  ✏️Writing saved my life and I think that’s dope❤️

Have you ventured out of the house yet or crept over to your Amazon cart to pick up the magnificent and wonderful new book by @carolinekepnes? Leave 💭 and 🗣 here on this literary marvel’s amazing new work. ♥️ 📚 ♥️

she makes me smile

reverse cowgirl

Girls Gone Wild #thirsttrap #yorkietrap

I wanna be a bow bitch

Gia Marie the hairless cat may have passed on but she left holes in my favorite nightgown #giamarieforever

Happy Father’s Day to the man who was thrilled for this to be the cover of a magazine. It’s been a fuck of a year, Papa. You’ve been a fuck of a pops, Papa. Mom thinks I love you more and while that’s not true, you make me happier than anyone on this planet and you’re my most solid bud. I’m always trying to be yours.

Thinking this Saturday about the joy of having done some really loony roles for some of my favorite creators, but I’m very pleased to cede the screen to @jennifer.garner @juliettelewis @ioneskyelee @janicza @bridgeteverett on #campinghbo. A look back at some of my troubling faces... #theinnkeepers #thisis40 #happychristmas #sky #scandal #americanhorrorstory #adventuretime #thesimpsons #weirdwomengalore

My best creature as we head into the home stretch of #campinghbo. Did this show make us nature lovers? Certainly not! But we can now identify a gopher snake...

Yesterday I was due at work at 8am. Showed up, watched rehearsal, drank my Starbucks, chill times. But at 8:15 I started to feel sick. Chills, sore throat, rapid descent. So I told Jenni I had to go home. Now. It just felt urgent. I walked in the door and found Gia limp and wheezing. She died in my arms at 9:15 as we rushed to the vet. She called me home. I’m so glad I listened. #giamarieforever

My tiny baby Gia, gone but never forgotten 💔 #giamarieforever

How do I even begin to type these words: this morning we lost the beautiful Gia Marie. It was sudden and beyond anyone’s control and @greer_lankton_archives_museum and I were holding her in our collective arms during her final moments. Gia loved people, playing with colorful tulle and above all she loved her sister Irma. She was my love, my dearest companion, and her kisses and hugs made every morning a celebration. Our hearts are broken, but we will never forget the nine months she graced this pained planet with her radiance. #giamarieforever

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