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Lena Danya 🌸  11.12.2017 Solo Show -Bradenton,FL 🎨lenadanya.com 🎥Painting time-lapses, tutorials, artist vlogs and all art related videos ⬇️


I ❤️oil paint

NYC residents, you can still come to the Single Fare 4 show today (Sunday the 17th) if you missed it yesterday 😊 Open from 12-6pm. 441 West 14th Street. All pieces are painted on metrocards, your transportation ticket in New York. Come visit my tiny paintings and thousands of amazing works! 💕this pic was reposted from @singlefare

New Yorkers, today is the #singlefare4 show! If you go to the @singlefare Instagram there is an event link in the bio with details for the opening. There will be thousands of metrocards from hundreds of artists. You don't wanna miss it! Send me a pic if you find my little pieces 😊

Ares got to experience his first mountains yesterday! Better than a first hurricane. Update: My family is ok. According to our neighbors, our home is too. Irma sucked up all our water.. not sure where or when it's gonna come back 😬 but I'm so thankful that things on our side ended up ok! That being said, not everyone was so fortunate during this storm. Barbuda was hit the hardest... and is now uninhabitable. Nearly everything was destroyed. 90% of the population is homeless. Please consider donating anything you can to help the people of this island. I have linked the organization I chose to donate to in my bio. ❤️

This is one of the last pictures I took of my studio after receiving mandatory evacuation orders in our town. We decided to leave Florida after hearing about direct landfall so close to us if not directly over us. Today was very hard for me. My family was supposed to follow behind us, insisted we go, they said they were running late, and then decided to stay. My heart is hurting so much right now. I don't know how to explain it and I don't think there's anything to remedy this absolute shit feeling. I hope that when we come back, our home will be ok, maybe some necessary cleanup of course... but I hope that when I come back to this studio I will be able to get right back to painting and sharing my art journey with you. Thank you to every single one of you who messaged and commented during this time, thank you for keeping me, my family, and my fur babies in your thoughts. Thank you for caring. It means so much to me, I am immensely grateful to have to chance to share my art with you. No matter what happens I will bounce back and continue on. To everyone still in Florida, please stay safe. Don't ignore evacuation orders if you are told to leave, please get to safety. I love you, my heart is with you.

Thank you for your print orders, I'm so excited for you to receive them 😊❤️ you can still get 20% off prints by using discount code OCEANWAVE at lenadanyastore.com

Nothing I'd rather be doing. Grateful every single day ❤️

Watercolor scribbles on a rainy day

More from hiking in Oregon ❤️ be warned... lush green landscapes are on the way. This place is too beautiful not to paint! 😍

Oregon, you are so beautiful and you have stolen my heart!

Cracked hand study
5x7 oil on birch

My oil paintings for the #singlefare4 group show in NYC this September! All works in the exhibit are on metrocards ❤️😊

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