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🍭🍭Lollipop🍭🍭  Elena Flor Marquez ohchoker.com 15% discount "killermonkeys"

Fallish vibes with summer clothes on

Yes, that’s my daddy and I love my dad. 💕

All because I can and wanted to.

Gotta love and enjoy an original black and white sometimes.

Yet another version of me in a (semi) natural setting of myself. Unfiltered and filtered. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m just a girl in her natural state.

When you begin to think about why yawning is so contagious and think about doing research on it and having test subjects where one person yawns in front of another to see how long it takes for them to yawn back making each other yawn and also if one person yawns, the next person yawns, will the first person yawn again and be a continuous cycle of nothing but yawning people until someone looks away while the other is yawning to stop yawning so much. Then to come back to reality to realize you have started yawning yourself.

Of course I had to do this and post it. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 @darkfang26 #neverforgetthismoment #bestfriends #istillloveyou

This is just about, EXACTLY how I am. 🤣😂🤣😂

Foundation: @toofaced born this way
Concealer: @colourpopcosmetics and @tartecosmetics
Highlight: @jeffreestarcosmetics @jeffreestar
Lipstick: @lorealmakeup infallible pro chocolate
Lashes: @xx.angelwings.xx in style Esmeralda
I forgot the shades and names of what I used...oops. There’s more stuff but I’m too lazy to type it all out right now. Maybe later I’ll update it. But not going to lie, @xx.angelwings.xx makes one of the best lashes ever. They’re so affordable AND they feel so high end and comfortable. You can also use my code “Elena” for 15% off your purchase!!!

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