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LenaaBlazze  I am 23yrs old , I have 3 children -that I love w, all my heart ! . I love sports , mainly volleyball & baseball <3: love muuh man *DerekScott*

The lover & I <3 love hims w, all my heart ;) Lenaa&Moose -2015-

Hahaa jaayze :D

Miss these two like crazy :( my KheliaMaryJayne & LarryDexterReece <3 they shud come home already lol, but Sunday isn't far!! Can't wait, 2morro it will be a week they were gone, that's to long for mommy lol, Darryl is lonely too for her sister & brodder lol <3 uggggh I miss Em!!!

Awe missing my LarryDexter <3

Love this lipstick ;) lol never wear this shtuff but I laaa it <3
Smile :)

Mwaaaah ;) *LenaaSkyy <3

Me & my beautiful auntie crystal <3 love you auntie <3 love her lipstick thou ;)

Darryl & I <3 such a beautiful.day in yrktn :) happy family day!! Missing our other 2 crazy babies -Khelia&Larry- hope they enjoying their visit north (y)

:) sweet.

Hahahaa the way we look :b love this man Sooo much <3 gave me life :) #fatheranddaughter #bondingtime #bestfriend #lovemydaddy

The babe & me at the hockey game :) love my lover <3 dss*ism (;

At the hockey game w, my dad & Lil brothazz <3

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