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Veronica Pacheco  CEO of 👑The rOIL Family👑, Young Living Gold Leader, Wife, Momma of 2, former SDSU Women's Golf Team Captain '04-'05, & essential oil Myrrhmaid 🌱💧🧜🏼‍♀️

Hey oily friends!! 10 days and counting until our fun Savvy Minerals event in Carlsbad, CA!! I wanted to let you guys know that we will have disposable applicators to apply the product to yourselves but if you have any of the Savvy Brushes or if you can bring your own brushes from home, that would be ideal so you can see what it would be like to apply them with your own tools. So don't forget, RSVP & BYOB! ;) https://www.facebook.com/events/1819144931480412/

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You guys!!! This Young Living deal is just too good to pass up!! For my current members who are wanting to sign up a friend or family or new members who’d like to join me on this oily journey, I am offering a $25 cash back offer on top of YL’s LYPR Rally promo! That means instead of paying $193 for 13 oils and TWO Dew Drop Diffusers, you’ll only pay $173!! The normal price of the kit is $160, so you do the math and tell me if getting a diffuser and 2 extra oils is worth $13!!! Also something to note: if you are a member already and have a friend or family member who has been dying to try the oils out, why not split the cost and divide the Dew Drop duo and PSK oils between the two of you?! Need an extra cherry on top?! 🍒You’ll get $50 for signing them up! Split that between the two of you to save even more or keep it and buy some more oils! Don’t let this deal pass you by! Sale ends on Friday! DM me if you need help or click the link in my bio to get started!! Happy budget-friendly oiling y’all!!! 🍋💧

We lost a member of our family last night. It’s surreal how it all happened. She hadn’t been doing well for a couple weeks and in the last couple of days she went downhill fairly quickly so we made the decision as a family to end her suffering. We were going to call an in-home euthanasia service today because we didn’t want her to feel stressed in her last moments. I knew I couldn’t bear to be there today so yesterday afternoon I went to my mom and dad’s house to spend some time with her and say my good byes. I rubbed her and scratched all her favorite spots. I whispered through tears how much I loved her and thanked her for being so good to our babies. I told her to say hi to Lady, Bogey, Bella, Lola, Dusty, Scruffy, and Burliose. She was uncomfortable but even through her discomfort, she still wagged her tail and tried to muster up some energy to nuzzle me and lick my face even though she couldn’t do the latter. Even though I kissed her knowing full well it would be the last I gave her, you can imagine the shock I felt when my sister called me this morning to tell me the news that she passed overnight. This amazing dog who served as a couch and horsey to our kiddos, who sat on top of our feet because sitting next to them wasn’t close enough, who gave a mean set of puppy eyes for our pizza crusts... she was the epitome of unconditional love up until the very end.
You see, my dad was her master. He purchased her to be his actual ‘road dog’ and accompany him on his many trips back and forth from to Yuma and home while my Nana Jenny was going to be going through chemo to fight her Lymphoma. Well, her disease progressed too fast and then I fell into my coma and we lost my grandma sooner than any of us wanted so she never got to fulfill her original ‘job’ so to speak. But instead, she was this gentle giant who brought so much sunshine in all of our lives during a period of uncertainty and sadness. My dad was struggling with this decision and had literally exhausted all options before coming to the realization that it was time to say goodbye (we’re talking homemade dog food, bone broths, CBD oil, doctors visits, prescriptions, etc...). Cont’d in comments

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. I think I’m just blessed. I don’t take a single day of this adventure for granted. Each person in this picture represents a piece of the puzzle that completes my oily heart and propels me to help more and more people live a life full of meaning, health, and abundance every. single. day. I have countless others all over the country and locally who couldn’t be here today as we spent some oily QT together at the YL Live Your Passion Rally, but they were there in spirit through every ah-ha moment, every instance of gratitude, every laugh and even some tears. This Live Your Passion Rally was special, and was the perfect start to my birthday. Thank you all and I can’t wait to see what this next trip around the sun brings!! When I blow out my candles tonight I’ll throw in an extra wish that everyone can experience the same amount of love and pride that I do while doing a job that I truly love with people I love even more than that. 💗🌿💧🎉
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Love these snapshots of our day. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I am grateful. My prayer is that this bond carries them through the valleys of this life and that they know they have each other to lean on... after the teen years at least. 💗😋
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Oh guys...
If I could explain to you just how much this man did for so many people, my family included, it would take me a few posts over several days.
It wasn’t just a little boy getting some relief from throwing up and not wanting to eat after almost 4 years of dealing with the fallout of being born too early.
It wasn’t helping this momma find purpose after feeling isolated from caring for her medically fragile child for those almost 4 years and having lost countless friends and acquaintances along the way as a result.
No. It’s about countless families all over the world. Single widows who lost their children’s father to devasting earthquakes in Nepal who have a roof of their heads again, men women and children in the slums of Africa who can feel safe and free from jiggers who are eating them alive, young girls who are no longer on the streets or held in trafficking rings in Europe, and the list goes on and on.
That’s what this day means for me. Thank you Gary, it was so much more than just oils for you just like it was/is for me. I will make sure your legacy lives on through my family (immediate and oily) for as long as I live. 💗🌎🍋🌿💧
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Your friendly neighborhood oiler giving you a cool-down method for the win! They call it ‘Air Conditioner in A Bottle’ 😋🌬🔥
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Oily friends, what is your favorite way to apply your essential oil infused perfume?! I’ve, uh, got a couple options to choose from. 😋🙈
And if you don’t have the new Essential Parfumerie Collections book by @melissa_poepping ... you are missing out! I can’t wait to try the “Innuendo” blend from the Innocent Collection! Rose, Angelica, Geranium, Elemi, Orange, Lavender, Neroli, Cedarwood, Spruce, and Vanilla! 😍
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Oh Thieves. You’re my BFF!
Who else hates window cleaning time?! I’m a little late on my spring cleaning, it’s almost July so we’ll call it summer cleaning. 🙈
This awful chore is a lot less awful thanks to Thieves Household Cleaner. Swipe to see the before and after. We added it to some hot water and bam! Sparkling clean! Thanks Thieves. I heart you. 💗
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"If you don't know the soil, you don't know the oil."
-Gary Young

Guys, don't be fooled with the imposters you find on the shelves of your local grocery store chain. Those are fragrant grade, and I'm hesitant to even call them that because of how much crap and synthetics they have in them. Don't even breathe them in, let alone put them on your skin and into your bodies. If you're using these oils to help improve your health, you aren't going to find the solution with bottles of oils that cost less than the bottle of nail polish on the next aisle over. I promise. LOL!
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