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Lemoña Benevidez  #3GOOF Good memes stolen from all over and nice OC stuff aswell. Fuck a beat a nigga like Chaz beat the case.

who tf made this. y’all really thought you did somethin huh?

yep. Rip X tbh

dyke 0-1 inked out nigga

something is so off about X’s death. im unsure what but it feels so much like it isn’t real, like im dreaming.

shitposts are actually such a weird but consistent way of conveying humour

ISIS is waswas now b.

im supporting England because y not

take out 7 cos I’m not on some gay shit
take out 5 cos if you like fat bitches u need to see a doctor
take out 6 cos if that’s what you doing you need to unfollow me and repeat the end of 5 aswell

trannies 1 - 0 Us niggas

ever seen a post that looks like something off of the gta internet.

pit bulls are the negroes of the dog world

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