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I go to grab some water, and this dude grabs my purse! Somebody is ready to roll! 😂🐶#Geno, #pitsofig

I had canvases from my first years in college that were my first attempts at oil paints, etc. I always said I'd cover them up and do something better with them. Not painting this time around,but filling the backs in with fiber-fill, covering in paper and fabric (that I've also been hoarding). Going to put them on my classroom walls to help with the acoustics! #Art, #repurpose, #Makers, #ArtEd

Here are just a few of the fantastic masks made for @marylandartplace !!! Masks will be auctioned off this fall. The #AlteredRealities exhibit will be sept 14-November 4th. Tix for event will be available through @marylandartplace, check it out! ( Also, I'll post a pic of my mask when it's done, and hope to attend the closing ceremony on the 4th. I'll snag pics of all the masks at the show!) #baltimorecollectives, #makers, #masks, #Art, #thewindupspace

Sweet lil Angel sleeping through the storm. #ThanksProzac

No picture can do this place justice.

Gets Prime Pantry box, turns it into a giant loom-b/c inspiration strikes at random! Who wants a rug?! Cardboard looms aren't just for my students! Nothing fancy, but perfect for Netflix binging. #weaving, #craft #MakersGonnaMake

Enjoying hub cap margaritas and the king with some fantastic ladies!!!

Gustavo, 2017. Everyone taking the Arts Integration course worked on this gridded portrait of Gustavo. He was a student in the Annapolis cluster. While drawing, we listened to an audio recording of him documenting his story: Leaving Mexico City for Cali, then eventually MD. being in school in Annapolis, and his struggles there. The story ends with how a procession of marijuana charge almost had him deported bc of improper legal council. Many of his past teachers came to his aid and offered support. Luckily, After 3 months in jail his ruling was overturned. Inside each square are notes that we took from the audio recording. Gustavo came to BPMS to see the finished piece. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved. #ArtsIntegration, #VisualArts, #21cLearningInstitute, #TellYourStory

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