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h 🕊  [🌻] » sep, 5th '17

miss the old times.. for kylie @kylie.dt 💛
@lisaandlena #lisaandlena #omgpage #leli

happy birthday babygirls👼🏼
i hope you have a great day in La, have fun with your family and friends and enjoy 16! today is your day.
you two are the funniest, the prettiest, the smartest girls i know and i will always look up to youn
thank you for everything you have done for our fandom.. we love you 💛
this is my 3rd time wishing you happy bday omg, time flies!
i could write a big paragraph but it wouldn't be enough to explain how much you mean to me..
love you lisa, love you lena.. always 🤞🏼
@lisaandlena #lisaandlena #j1mo71 #leli #lelifamily (sorry, i know the edit is very simple)

april 24, 2016 > april 24, 2018 💗
2 years since i first saw them, since i first saw their smiles. they literally changed my life, they make me so happy and they truly became a part of me along this 2 years. i'm happy they came into my life. i could write a giant paragraph but that wouldn't be enough to describe how much i love them and how i feel grateful about everything. thanks for all, i love you from the bottom of my
@lisaandlena sincerely, hanna a.k.a. your biggest fan 🙈

-please ask if you want to repost-
[halie @foxydols🖤] friendship is the most important thing in life. friends are the family you haven't met when you were born🌹
dt: my friends but mostly to @foxydols because she's the bestie for the restie and @mudblvod because even though she has billions of friends she doesn't forget about me :) i love you ❤️💛💚💙💜
#internetfriendship #bestfriends #goals #kelsey #saharluna #omgpage

sorry for the mistakes <3
feedback? tag them?
dt: @foxydols 🌹
cc: hannahsvids
#lisaandlena #destingrp @lisaandlena #wolvingrprct

did you really think i was about to plottwist leli? never😘
first velocity edit i know this sucks.
dt: @xmantlers <3
#lisaandlena @lisaandlena

my dream came true 💭
dt: lisa&lena, filipa and my mommy who made this possible🖤
cc: hannahsvids ac: me
#lisaandlena #destingrpct @lisaandlena dream it&do it #jimoedits

i'll fall in <3 w/ you bb
dt: @xmantlers my loviee 💞
cc: hannahsvids
#lisaandlena @lisaandlena

shades of blue [🦋]
two posts in one day wow hahah btw sorry this isn't that good/smooth im still trying to get better☺️
dt: @lovexleli thank you for your support xx
#lisaandlena @lisaandlena
cc: hannahsvids

paris: vibes [🐭]
@lisaandlena #lisaandlena
dt: cami 🇫🇷 @leliparisian
cc: hannahsvids

dt: kylie🖤 & Inês omg ily
hope you like it!
cc: hannahsvids
#lisaandlena @lisaandlena #wolvingrprct #destingrpct

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