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🌺LELIFAMILY🌺PIZZA IS LIFE🍕  💥proud lelinator'🥀 💥❤️x0||💬x0||📥x0||x0👀|| 💥Lisa talk x3 in snap group! 💥Lena saw messages x1000+ in snap group! 💥since: 05/01/18

so excited for the new pics!!! @lisaandlena #lelifamily

June 17th 2002, in this date have born two girl who called Lisa & Lena, they are twins, from Germany! Okay then they was little girls and wasn't famous but now they have so many fans!!
-(this is what i want to say to you LELI)⬇️
Today is your day, is the day that you come in this world and now in all this world you have fans!💕 Today is the day that you makes your parents happy because you become in this life,and now you makes them proud of you!💫 This is the day that you born it's gone 16 years that you come in this world and i know it's gone so fast!😘Now you are growing up, you are 16 now, you are getting older and older everyday but my love for you is being bigger and bigger everyday!🌸 I really don't know how to explain the love for you, maybe i can't explain cuz is the biggest like how i love my family!💘Btw you're my second family that's why i can't explain!💛I'm not the first saying that you are the cutest girls ever the pretties girls ever that i have ever meet!✨You so kind girls and so friendly and so lovely💓 You deserve the best in this world! You don't even know how happy you makes me with you little smile in your faces! 🦋I remember the first day that i saw your musicalys i was shook and that day i open fp for you but the problem was cuz they are hacked and now i lose all the dm and likes from you but it's okay cuz i know that feeling and i know that will happen again a day and i will never give up!🙏🏻Please leli care so much about yourself cuz if someone hurt you i want to kill that person yk!😊Please don't forget that I love you so so so much and you makes my life better! 😍Once time again happy birthday and wish you all the best in your life and i want to wish you luck for everything you do!❤️ Have fun in Los Angeles cuties!💕 MUCH LOVE 4 U!💓 @lisaandlena #lelifamily
btw sorry for not editing but if i can make one i will make it tomorrow!💘 @lisaandlena

ILYSM @lisaandlena #lelifamily ❤️

As you can see here are two girls,with a cute smile and pretty faces!😍 They was normal and they didn't have fans but now they have 13MILLION followers on ig!🎈 Those girls are the best in this world.🌎 Nobody doesn't know how much i love them because i can't explain that,the love for them is the biggest🌸. I'm so proud of them😊! I'm so proud to be in this family👭. Lisa & Lena you make my life in postive way,and makes me feeling happy all the time i see you💋. Please care so much about yourself because i don't want to see you sad,i just want to see your smile in your cute faces😘 the reason why i want to see you happy is cuz i he happy too and you be more pretty with your smile♥️ You're are my everything,my queens,my pretty twins❣️ I love you to the moon and back🌙 I will always be in this fandom because i feel better with you and all your another fans✨ i love you so much LeLi and my friends🌺 #lelifamily @lisaandlena
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good night :) guys i'm so thankful for everything that you do to me! I'm so happy and proud to be in this fandom, you guys are the best family! you makes me feeling happy all the time and Lisa and Lena you makes my life better and you make my life in positive way and I love you so much that i can't explain how much i love you and i love you more that you know 💞 @lisaandlena #leli #lelinator

guyss look how cutee theyy areee😍😍 i missed them so much😩😍 they made my day☀️ #lelinator @lisaandlena

congrats for taking off your braces hope this day will come faster and for me LOL! ly❤️ btw i missed you so much❤️

@lisaandlena omg i'm done 😂😂 #funny #musicaly #lisaandlena

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