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Your challenge this week: pick one thing you’ve been avoiding, and just effing do it already. What’s it going to be? Let’s Monday the f*^# out of this week 🖤 🤘🏻⚡️
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So, my cousin Tim is a DJ in Amsterdam. Yes, that is literally the coolest thing I’ve ever said. He’s got a show tonight, so we’ll be repping his @flash__forward swag and tuning in from Ottawa. Check out his feed for the deets 🖤⚡️🤘🏻
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Love is something you feel, not something you see. Love can be fleeting or occupy long periods of space and time. And while love itself is blind, it can also be blinding. Here’s to a weekend that finds you with people you love and who love you right back, doing something simple and wonderful 🖤
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Coco Chanel said “some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It’s not; it’s the opposite of vulgarity.” Read that over again: luxury is the opposite of vulgarity. It’s ok to feel your feelings, and it’s ok to have strong opinions. It’s NOT ok to be a dick. Straight up. So if you‘re looking to get rich quick, be kind today; feel the luxe quality of being a good human, of grace embodied, and treat everyone - everyone - with kindness and respect. Make peace with yourself, even if it feels you are at war with others, and let that inner peace be what guides you through all the things. It’s not easy, but it’s important, and I know you can do it. Make space for more love to come to you by showing love to others. Then go outside tonight and look at the stars, reflecting on the luxurious richness of the life you have created 🖤⚡️🤘🏻
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Want to up your relationship game in four and a half minutes? Read today’s blog post, “How to Be a Great Partner.” Most of my writing in this space is focused on changing your thoughts, your perspective, your patterns, ultimately giving you permission to be you: straight up, unabashedly, authentically awesome you.

A huge part of being you is knowing what your needs are, and how to get them met. When you do feel that flow, you probably feel a true connection with people around you.
People talk about relationships being a lot of work. For most relationships, of any nature – and especially those of an intimate nature – “the work” really means achieving and maintaining the right connection, be it emotional, mental, spiritual, and with an intimate partner, physical. Most of our connection is based on communication, and it’s the communication that becomes the work.

Dr. Gary Chapman writes about this in his book, The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. And it’s amazing. Like give-it-as-a-wedding-gift amazing.

The idea is that when it comes to love, we all speak a unique language; we have the tendency to communicate our love for another in the same way we best receive love.

Simply put, if you want to be a great partner, learn the language of love that your partner speaks, then learn to speak it. Because in the absence of that, your partner will feel unloved.
This is a learning process, and requires both people to do the work. When two people are communicating their love for each other in the way they both need to receive it, your relationship will be a beautiful thing. Pretty spectacular right?

Link is live in my profile, and includes the short quiz for you - and your SO, if you have one - to find out which love language you speak, and how to speak it.
Trust me, this will make a difference in your life, and especially in your intimate relationships. You can go ahead and thank me later 😘
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You might already know that I’m a huuuuuge fan of @smitherystyle, a totally body positive, Canadian online shop that teaches women how to dress their shape. I’ve had the unbelievably empowering opportunity to model for them the last two seasons, and it was through those experiences that I had this “aha!” moment: it became clear that I didn’t hate my body, I just hated my jeans! Talk about a shift in perception. Once I learned exactly which details to look for in different pieces of clothing to suit my curvy “O Shape” bod, my closet got smaller, better, and way more flattering...which makes me feel confident AF in my very own skin.
I’m super stoked to host Facebook Live this morning with @YMC.ca, because I get to interview the @smitherystyle girls and share their thread-less wisdom with the world. Even more dope? I’ve got a custom discount code just for you, babe, to get 10% off your purchases till October 31. Ooit, ooit!! Check out SmitheryStyle.com and use ROADTRIP when you’re ready to cash out. And be SURE to catch FB live (link in my profile) today at 10 am EST for all the good stuff behind the camera...maybe even your own “aha!” moment will come to light 👖👠👓💋
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Words of wisdom, and loving kindness my BFF to me, and now from me to you. I went for a sunset kayak on massive Lake Ontario with my best friends a couple months ago, and when I got back to shore from my paddle, my bestie had left this message for me on my phone. There couldn’t have been a more fitting message, because of life and timing, and because you knowwww I love a good metaphor). The new moon is this week, which is the time to plant the seeds of what you want to cultivate over the next lunar cycle (@spiritdaughter explains this process really, really beautifully in her feed); before you welcome the new moon with what you intend to call in or work towards over the next few weeks, I invite you to pause a moment today and take stock of where you are now vs where you were a year ago. What are the key events? Key feelings? Moments of extreme happiness? Times of utter chaos you thought you’d never push through that you pushed through? Hard things that you’re still figuring out? People who you’ve let into your life? People who you’ve let out? Take a deep breath and let that wave of reflection wash over you. What is it that really stands out? I’d love to know the first thing that came to mind, way down in your gut as you read this...share below 🖤⚡️🤘🏻
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It’s a pretty wonderful feeling when the whole world fits inside of your arms. For many, many people, present company included, the road to that closeness of family and of children is marked with miscarriage at some point in the process. I remember sitting at my kitchen counter, slumped over, head on folded arms, in deep, deep emotional pain. It was if my brain and my rationale had been completely disabled, and I was feeling a profound sense of loss in a guttural, almost animalistic way. The sounds coming out of my mouth were not my sounds, the stillness of my body lying twisted and heavy was not my stillness. The tears falling from my eyes were not even my tears; it felt as though I was processing a loss so deep, it was coming purely from my soul, using my body as a vehicle for her grief.
Miscarriage is not uncommon; in fact, it’s so incredibly common that if you survey the women in your friendships, your family, your community, you will realize quickly that having a miscarriage is part of most people’s storylines.

What is less common however, is our willingness to talk about and share openly our experiences of loss. Is it shame that holds us back? A feeling that we did something wrong to warrant the loss of a pregnancy we thought was ours? A sense that “it could have been worse” so we keep it to ourselves? A misplaced perception that “it wasn’t even real yet” so we don’t have permission to experience the loss?” Today is pregnancy and infant loss awareness day, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to write a guest post for @wethemamas on How to Support a Friend Through Miscarriage, to open up that conversation on a national level.
Your pain is your pain, and the only way out is through. Frannie + Lilo have done the incredibly brave work of turning their pain into a motherhood movement, empowering women and families who have experienced this loss. You’ve probably seen or heard them via Huff Post or CBC this month alone. Their (super comfy and well fitting) t shirts are designed and made in Canada, and keep the conversation moving forward. The best thing you can do to support a friend through miscarriage? Listen. 🖤🖤

Anyone else feel like this was the longest shortest week? I’ll be very happy to slow it down this weekend and spend time in this kitchen, in this house, keeping it ultra low key. What’s the weekend got in store for you (because ultra low key doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously...) 😌
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G I V E A W A Y 🌿 You guys! One of my OG brand crushes has launched a new line of cooler bags, JUST for grown ups. Toronto based @soyoungnourish has expanded their line of oh so beautiful lunch and school bags for kids into a line of adult-friendly lunch bags that allow you to stay healthy on the go...for when your heart says “soup + salad” and every other part of you says “nah, too much work.” Canadian owned and designed by one of the genuinely COOLEST women I know, I am super stoked to team up with @soyoungnourish and offer you the chance to win one of these sweet babies for your own damn self. Before Friday October 13 (whoa), very simply:
1. LIKE this photo
2. TAG a friend in the comments
3. FOLLOW @soyoungnourish
I’ll announce the winner on my story feed this Saturday October 14. Good luck dolly!! 🖤⚡️🤘🏻
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