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When the children of your best friends also have a special place in your heart.
My little sweet friend ~ summer memories đź’™

If you thought that some of you, showed in the ways of me.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
Wandering on the Flowermarket in Utrecht. Love days like this.

But my darling,
there's no such
thing as the light
at the end of the
tunnel. you must
realize that you
are the light.
(The better man project)

Don't kiss me
if you are afraid
of thunder.
My life is a storm.

Ierland by train.

The bright side of life.

And then she'd say it's ok I got lost on the way,
but I'm a Super girl and Super girls don't cry.
And then she'd say it's all right I got home late last night,
but I'm a Super girl and Super girls just fly.
(Song: Supergirl - Reamonn)

just for tonight... just for tonight.
be the tenderest thing.
in the universe.

Breathing dreams

More slowing down and simplifying. Finding or simply grabbing hold of moments to just be still in. Time disappears too quickly. So you may find me here, taking deep breaths, recharging, thinking and seizing the moment...

You said you knew the perfect place to run to. A place that was empty of people, and buildings, and far, far away. A place covered in blood-red earth and sleeping life. A place longing to come alive again. It's a place for disappearing, you'd said, a place for getting lost...and for getting found. I'll take you there, you'd said.
And I could say that I agreed.

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