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Leilani Chandler  Boss Lady & FIT.BOSS.MUM @ EXOTICATHLETICA . 'Lani Gets a Life' on YOUTUBE 👇👇👇 .

Visited this abandoned estate on the outskirts of Hanoi this morning and this photo does not even come close to showing you how EPIC this place is! Over 38 hectares and 600 abandoned mansions, some complete and some incomplete, like this one behind me, all completely overgrown and left to ruins. I felt like I was in that I AM LEGEND movie or some kind of spooky post apocalyptic city. Check out my story if you want to see more...(P.S. I'm wearing our new NOOSA Collection capri's launching next Friday)

It's been 17 years since I was in Vietnam last and boy has alot changed. But one thing that certainly hasn't and is still just as amazing as always is the PHO😋... O.M.G it is hands down my most favorite thing about this country.

It's been a while between photoshoots for me....But its just like riding a bike. Throw me in front of a lens and I can turn on that 'smile' like a pro 😁... P.S... new Italian PLUSH colours launching this FRIDAY❤ @exoticathletica

What do you do when wake up one day and realize you don't even have a life anymore??.... um, you go 'GET A LIFE' of course and then turn it into a YOUTUBE Channel... ***Coming soon - sign up now so you don't miss out on my first episode... 'LANI GETS A LIFE'....link in my bio☝️

When all else fails and you're still feeling stressed af, it's time to go SMASH shit up with your BFF @thesmashpit

🥂 CHEERS to my fucking self and @jackdelosa for today's strategy session.... I have a plan to make a plan! Which is always a good place to start 😉....The details are still a little fuzzy and I have a long road left to travel, but I'm sure it's all going to make alot more sense and feel a tad less daunting once I finish this little glass of magic ⭐🍷🤔

Back in Sydney again for a strategy session on Monday with @jackdelosa🤓 I am pretty excited to back on board with the @theentourageoz again and can't wait to start mapping out some big new plans for @exoticathletica

While everyone has been busy posting their 'no-makeup selfies' I'm just over here starting my own new daily ritual.... Actually wearing make up for a change. It is my latest self love challenge to force myself to make time in the mornings to actually do something for me and stop being so goddamn busy all the time!.... Plus red lippy looks hot AF, so I think I might be on a winner💋💄🖤

First day back to reality today after a week away and I already feel like escaping again.... Yes, I do love what I do, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard fucking work! Being #BOSSLADY is no easy gig, that's for damn sure😥

This little fox went flying solo on the flying fox yesterday 🦊 #nofear

Getting in touch with my #WILDSIDE 🌿👣🌻🖤 @oreillysrainforestretreat

Chasing Waterfalls💧🌻🌿

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