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Leila Lutz  Peak Performance Coach. Life is to eat, breathe, move, love, grow and enjoy. Can I inspire you to create yours? 👻leila_lutz


Workouts take a little longer these days..... but I'm even more motivated to do them so I can be at my best for this little one. First training session #postpartum
I have been doing #pelvicfloor and #core #rehab since day 1, but only now after having proper clearance from my #physiotherapist can I get into some #resistancebands #lightweights and #swissball work. Focusing on #posteriorchain to hold up these milk jugs and #glutes to stabilise this #pelvis
The key is patience and perseverance to get everything back to how it used to be and focusing on #rest #rejuvenation to lower #cortisol repair this body as well as super #postpartumnutrition with adequate #calories #macronutrients and #micronutrients
#postnatal #postnatalfitness #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #nutrition #fourthtrimester #lifecoach

Happy 1st Father's Day to my love!
It was so clear to me that you would be the best Dadda in the world. They way you looked after me in pregnancy and birth cemented it even more. And now, seeing you with our daughter my heart explodes over and over!! If anyone was born to be a Dad, it was definitely you. Thank you from both your girls who always feel like princesses around you. Xxx

Dunno where this kid #shantiolivia gets all her facial expressions from......
Can't believe I would be finishing up all my morning sessions by this time of day and now I'm still in my pjs covered in breast milk ( i have such a supply that it runs all up my neck and into my hair while I'm sleeping). It's all about #surrender at the moment and going with the flow while I get to hang out with this princess and we get to know each other so hopefully I can find enough of a rhythm to get back to clients and a new business plan in October. Missing work but loving every single moment with this hilarious little creature and love watching her personality develop. She's a little piggy and a cheeky monkey like her Mumma!!! #postpartum #entrepreneur #lifecoach #fourthtrimester #lifebalance

I feel so very fortunate to join the tribe of Motherhood in time for #worldbreastfeedingweek I truly respect that some women can't or don't want to breastfeed, and I feel exceptionally blessed to be able to as I personally cannot imagine not having these precious moments with my little girl. Over this time, we bond and I know she is getting the best nutrition possible.
There are three things to me that make breastfeeding possible:
FIrst and foremost I have exceptional support. The midwives from Royal North Shore Hospital have been amazing in visiting every day to help me on this journey. I have to say the public health system in this country, rocks! My mum has also been integral with her wisdom and my #babydaddy in helping me get enough rest to produce milk. (You need sleep as this is when you make milk) This precious act takes support from family and community to instill calmness and confidence in women.
Secondly, I am also fortunate enough to have an abundant over supply of milk due to, I think, months of exceptional nutrition and herbs and tea as medicine, another thing that women need support and education in.
And thirdly, I am happy to get the girls out anywhere, anytime and quite happy to tell people that it is my right to bare my breast in public to nourish my little one, another thing that women need support to do.
There is no substitute for #breastfeeding and the nourishment a mother is able to give through #breastmilk so let us support and encourage more women to do it with ease, support and dignity.
#nutrition #lifecoach #fourthtrimester #wellness #postpartum #postpartumnutrition #jerf

Getting through #pregnancy #birth and #4thtrimester for me is all about #foodasmedicine and #tea from my girl @anthia_koullouros_naturopath
#Repost @ovvioorganics ・・・
Navigating pregnancy, especially if it’s your first time, can be tricky. The advice you hear - from friends, family, even total strangers - about what is and isn't safe during pregnancy is enough to confuse anyone.
Whilst some teas are not recommended, there are some Ovvio teas that will support a mum-to-be throughout her pregnancy.
Allow us to help you, or someone you know, find solace in a cup, and feel a sweet and calm disposition during this exciting time.
The first trimester can have you feeling excited and nervous. Anthia recommends Rise and Shine, and Silk Road Spice Organic Teas, both of which contain ginger, a common remedy for morning sickness. Ginger was traditionally used for nausea and vomiting associated with travel sickness.
Throughout pregnancy enjoy a cup of Nourish Aromatic or Peace Bambino Organic Tea. With Aniseed, Cinnamon bark and ginger - among other herbs - Nourish Aromatic is a big bear hug for your mind and body.
Peace Bambino Organic Tea contains Chamomile Flower, Aniseed, Caraway seed, and Dill seed. They act as anti-inflammatories, antispasmodics, carminatives and digestive aids, and are indicated for colic and flatulence, intolerances, indigestion, colic, colitis, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, gastritis, flatulence, IBS, nausea and tummy pain.
The third trimester is about preparing the body for labour. Anthia recommends Raspberry Rose Tonic Organic Tea, which contains Raspberry leaf, traditionally used as a pregnancy herb after the first trimester, used specifically to assist labour.
Breastfeeding: Peace Bambino Organic Tea can be consumed in a similar fashion to gripe water. Just make it as a normal tea and allow to cool, put it in the baby's bottle to ease wind, discomfort and irritability. Some mums wait until baby is already used to drinking from a bottle to try this.
Another option is for mum to drink 3-4 cups per day. The therapeutic benefits of the tea can be imparted through the breast milk.

27.07.2017 03:09 3.5kg 50cm

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the empowering feeling of my daughter coming through me into this world, the support and strength of my love to birth exactly how I wanted to and hold me the whole journey and her Nana and namesake being with us for every moment and receiving her into her arms.
Born in the caul, using #hypnobirthing techniques with 100% support by the midwives at Royal North Shore Hospital and their amazing program we had the no intervention and calm birth we had always hoped for.

Baby girl we have only just met, but through you I have fallen more in love with your father, got closer to your Nana and believed in myself like never before.

I am honoured that you chose me as your mother. 📷@rivbennett @thefirsthello

These final days, just the two of us
And PS how good is the scarf Nana in waiting made to keep the #babybump warm!
#39weekspregnant #babydaddy

Could this be the most beautiful tea, I ever did see?
#36weekspregnant my white witch and BFF @anthia_koullouros_naturopath instructed me to drink this amazing tea of hers! #Raspberry leaf to assist #labour #lindenflower for my restlessness and #rosepetal for #inflammation it is absolutely the most perfect #thirdtrimester #organic #tea that ever there was!
"This tea embodies all that is feminine and nurturing"
To all my Mummas to be out there, check out Anthia's mother and baby teas at @ovvioorganics
I'd also just like to say that I have stayed on top of all pregnancy ailments with #herbs and #foodasmedicine
#reflux #cramps #restlesslegsyndrome #insomnia You name it, there is something #natural for it.

Having Mum aka Nana to be, live with us, I am reminded again of how different we all are and am spending time re-calibrating food so we can ALL be satiated, energetic and healthy. My body loves fat and protein in endless amounts. Im not training too much at #36weekspregnant so don't need to replenish as much glycogen as I used to. Hotman however is as ever committed to his workouts and so I need to load him up after training, making sure he has adequate carbohydrates with good protein and fats to take for lunch for post work out so he can kill it at work in the afternoon. Then there's Mum, who would love to eat meat for breakfast with us, but it was destroying her bathroom routine, so this morning I made her #activated #pseudograin porridge of buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa cooked in coconut cream and with cardamom to aid #digestion. We are all amazingly unique and there is no #nutrition approach that works for all. Listen to your body and it will tell you everything you need to know to take care of you.
#heath #wellness #family #foodcoach#guthealth #jerf #paleo #glutenfree

When everyone wants to touch your baby belly and you just want your XO eggs and @burrawonggaian Duck!
#pregnancy #35weekspregnant

Afternoon mooch with #hotman AKA #babydaddy

My #pregnancycraving has been raspberries and cream! This one with a homemade #paleo #chocolate mouse with 90% cacao, #coconutoil And #coconutcream.
I have been very conscious as always as to what goes in this body. I see eating for two as an even bigger responsibility. Some facts about #pregnancynutrition
1. You do need some extra #glucose in the way of #healthy #sugar like fruit and properly prepared #wholegrains but being a #proteintype with a history of #autoimmunedisease I have been having berries, apples, rice and potato and always with protein and fat. I found giving into cravings for more than that just made me feel sicker and spiked my blood sugar.
2. Eating for two means eating an extra 500 #calories per day and so I have upped my intake to 2500 in the last trimester. I am astounded as to how many online #pregnancydiet guidelines are only 1700 calories and low fat!!
3. I haven't been able to eat full meals as there just isn't enough room, so have been snacking all day to make sure I get enough food.
4. Research states that your baby can taste what you're eating and so am making sure I eat a wide variety of proteins, fats and vegetables with various herbs and spices so she gets used to a fabulous #omnivorous #lifestyle
5. Taste is affected by mineral deficiency so I have been super conscious of maintaining zinc and iron levels for her too!!!
6. My little girl gets her #gut #microbiome from me so my plan is focused on my #guthealth
My goals are to keep us both thriving and to create a healthy eater who has a great start in life! Maintaining a healthy #bodyweight and #leanmuscle has been an easy bi-product

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