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Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller  President of Leila Heller Gallery, New York, Dubai


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Reza Aremesh, 'Metamorphosis - a study in liberation' (2017) @leilahellergallery
Photo by Stephen White. #friezesculpture runs until 8 October. Free to visit - and download the free Frieze Sculpture app we've made with our programming partner @artfund & @clare.lilley (link in bio) #summerartmap

Leila Heller Gallery is pleased to announce Reza Aramesh's participation at Frieze Sculpture Park 2017, open on the 5th of July until the 8th of October at The English Gardens in Regents Park, London. In Metamorphosis - a study in liberation', Aramesh creates a diminutive bronze sculpture of a hybrid creature with a human body and an animal head. This figure is borrowed from a war reportage, where the human face has been replaced with a mythical animal borrowed from Egyptian, Mayan and Persian art.
The subjected and violated body is imbued with symbolic strength, transforming the subject from victim to a study of liberation. The bronze figure is placed on a pre-fabricated block that is often used as a device to divide borders.Between the rubble underground remains fragments of buildings destroyed during World War II in East London, which were then transported to be buried in Regent's Park. This project has been developed specifically for Frieze Sculpture Park to reflect this aspect of the park's history.
Action 188: Metamorphosis, a study in liberation
Medium: Bronze, Concrete Barrier Block, Polypropylene Rope
Height: 314 cm (including concrete barrier block)
Date: 2017
Curated by Clare Lilley (Director of Programme, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK), Frieze’s first-ever summer exhibition includes 25 international artists.
@aramesh_reza @friezeartfair #friezesculpturepark @leilahellergallery #leilahellergallery #rezaaramesh

Maryam joon and Nahid joon at Mo and Marie's. @maryammassoudi1943

Celebrating Marie and Mo's wedding with 3 generations of the gracious Al Sabah family. @mariamalsabah @paulaalsabah ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Marie and Mo, the day after. It just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy every minute of your life together. @lizmarienyc @mohammedafkhami

Congratulations Marie and Mo. what a magical night. Wishing you happiness forever. 💕💕💕💕💕💕@lizmarienyc @mohammedafkhami @maryammassoudi1943 @aliafkhami2013

Marie and Maryam joon. Congratulations. 🍾🍾🍾🍾@lizmarienyc @mohammedafkhami @maryammassoudi1943 @aliafkhami2013

Marie and Mo. happiness forever and ever. 💕💕💕💕@lizmarienyc @mohammedafkhami @maryammassoudi1943 @aliafkhami2013 @malekifati

With the fabulous Afruz Amighi surrounded by her breathtaking new sculptures. @leilahellergallery @afruzamighi #leilahellergallery

@leilahellergallery is pleased to present Afruz Amighi's "No More Disguise" from June 22 - July 28. Pictured here, "Warrior's Headdress" 2017
38"h x 44"w x 14"d
Steel, fiberglass mesh, chain, light
@leilahellergallery @afruzamighi

At Art Basel Parcours
Reza Aramesh's marble sculpture: site of the Fall:Study of the Renaissance Garden at dusk. @leilahellergallery @aramesh_reza @artbasel #artbasel2017 #leilahellergallery #rezaaramesh #parcours

What happens behind the scenes at Art Basel. My two directors Daniel (in the stairway) and Alexander(outside), closing their deals with their respective clients. 👏👍@leilahellergallery @alexander heller @ArtBasel #leilahellergallery #artbasel2017

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