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leighramsdell  Mongoose rider Paul Genovese, 2nd Home video


Not that big of a jump but it felt good doing my first 360 since my knee replacements. 🎥: @braydenbarretthay @mongoosebikes #bmx #sorryhoney #montpellier

@benwallacebmx killing it in @fiseworld mini-ramp finals. This was personally my favorite event so far! All our @mongoosebikes riders made it in! #fise #montpellier #mongoose

Little morning jib before the scooter invasion begins. @mongoosebikes #france #montpellier 🎥 @paulryanbmx

#leighsrecipes lentil sloppy joe taco: farmed lentils made into the sloppiest joe filling topped with Nat King Coleslaw, caged jalapeños, all on a corny softish tortilla. #numnumnum

What to do with your old leaf blower when you get a new more powerful one. #thatblows

Hell yeah that's hot! Car is decent too. I only pay $35 a month car insurance with Geico. Knowing the right reptile pays off.

These aren't the nerds you're looking for. -Stormtrooper 1157

Started the day with a ride filled with black snakes, sweat and over shooting box jumps in the middle of the trail. Fun day, let's do it again tomorrow! @mongoosebikes #mtb #regency #snakes

Working from the trail today. Texting with @braydenbarretthay about @fiseworld. #lovemyjob #mongoose #officeview

Breakfast sandwich: fried jailbird egg, pesticide infused avocado, my world famous soy chorizo that no one knows about, free range jalapeños, stale bagel and mustard. #healthyeating #leighsrecipes

Cats and vodka. #catsandvodka

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