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leigh ann  i make youtube videos for you. youtube.com/leighannsays snap/twitter/facebook= leighannsays leighannsays@gmail.com ▼watch my new video▼


going to see Dave Chapelle tonight 💆🏼📵

feeling lucky 🌼 my new vlog was just born.

we just uploaded our first collab on my channel. she unborxed the thing like a pro! does your dog like barkbox? #barkbox

Just after I wiggled into a wetsuit and just before my first diving adventure #fbf 🌊 My new video is something kind of new for my channel and all the incredibly understanding, supportive, open-hearted comments are just blowing me away right now. If you haven't seen it, I’m talking all about how I’ve shifted my perspective lately and how it’s helped me. (link in bio) #beautyunfiltered #ad @walgreens

I'm almost done editing my new video and oddly I'm kind of nervous about it. But that's actually perfect. I've been trying a lot of new things lately (like baking this cake! yes, im STILL shocked it worked) and I'm excited to talk to you guys about what I've been up to because I think some of you might feel the same way. 🌈🎉 #beautyunfiltered #ad @walgreens

three's company chic 🌈#TNHLW .
my new vlog is up xo

the extra sunshine tasted so good today ☀️I was inside editing my new vlog but I got a little. I want more hours forever.

should've been a cowgirl 🌵
(new tutorial link is up)

a tutorial on how I style my bangs just went up on my channel. It's quick and easy and i really hope it's helpful for everyone that requested it. spoiler alert- one of the steps isn't rubbing your hair along the carpet despite the extreme flyaways in this photo. #flyawaygamestrong 🕊

today was bring your cake to work day (mostly so I'll stop eating it for breakfast everyday) 🌈happy international women's day! I made this cake in my new vlog and it turned out way better than I expected. (click the link in my bio to watch)

Luna was the (snaggle) queen of the vet today even though she looks like she can see dead people in this photo. (maybe she can idk.) I just uploaded a new vlog with a few important questions and a few important firsts. it's in my bio for you to click 🐶😳#yaaas #queen #slay

finally figured out why I was so weirdly attracted to this dry shampoo 🌥🌵my new favorites+ unfavorites video is linked in my bio plus a new Spotify playilist with everything I've been listening to lately. happy friday yall :) #itsbeendonetome

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