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⚡️ricks⚡️  "nah" - Rosa Parks, 1955 / taken


“She used to crave your company to satisfy her mind but now she’s a hurricane. She builds her own storms and ruins. She no longer twists and turns like you.”


“Something’s always happening here. If you are bored in Berlin, it’s your own fault.” ⚡️


sometimes i wonder if in a previous time, you’ve ever passed by someone you’re close to now. like what if your best friend now, you passed by them at a grocery store when you were 5 and didn’t know. or like you passed by your future soulmate at a popular tourist attraction somewhere 10 years ago

even on bad terms loyalty should never change 👁‍🗨

being 100% comfortable around somebody is something that is so rare but when you find it, it is so beautiful, and safe, and comforting ✨

be a light not a judge

god is watching so give her a good show 😛

grateful for my memories and for the people in my life that make it so much happier!!! always looking back on old videos and pics and realizing how much i changed and that everything happens for a reason 🔃 i love parties with friends just as much as driving alone and looking at the sunset, i love the days where it is easy to find beauty in everything

main bitch 💀 / when my best friend has prom, i have prom too 😛💓

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