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⚡️ricks⚡️  leo, 1998 🌙 my girl gang: @_johaaannaa_ ⚡️ @kajana_ ⚡️ @paulazrk ⚡️ @melina_soh ⚡️

this food was so fcking good

gigi 🐒

rasberry sprite 🤤

twenty fucking one!!! ⚡️😛🌈💖

i love you 🌻🍯🌙

family 🤞🏽

make her your everything in front of everyone, everytime

Wenn ich in unserer Straße bin, dann spür' ich dich. Auch dein Ende war nur eine neue Tür für dich.
Ich dank' dir für die Stunden, die wir hatten 🥀

cheezy crust am stizzle 👊🏽


i‘m really out here spending 3€ on coke from mcdonalds just to fit my aesthetic :) & simultaneously asking myself why i‘m broke

my goal is to be a part of something so cool that at the end of it we all get matching tattoos 🕶

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