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ツ I'm New Around Here  ☻ a gιrl wнo lιĸeѕ nιnjago, ĸay. ↳ι edιт a loт↲ 😣ғorgoт paѕѕ тo @legonιnjagoғanpage ĸιĸ = nιnjagoĸιттy 🐱

Video I found off of YouTube that is 100% true... Anyways sorry for not posting. I was editing like crazy!!! I can't post the spree today cause I'm going on a shopping spree to look for Mr. Gold💁, and I'm going to someone in my family's mansion and inviting friends and watching the current last five episodes with cupcakes and popcorn and stuff... Ok I'm just excited😛. Anyways be ready for a spree tomorrow! {btw I changed my user}

{sorry... repost I just didn't like the other collage} Well umm first 'scene' post? Idk since this I deleted and fixed... We will leave it with dat. Ok first 'scene' post :P

Hello my very small number of followers😓Please do me a favor and follow @laval_lion. She got me into Chima :) Thanks @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion @laval_lion ಥ⌣ಥ

Well sorry for dis random pic, I'm just not done with my edits ^.^ I really dk what to edit...
Piggy nose🐽.

Hi everyone!
So I forgot the pass to @legoninjagofanpage {I was just starting it} and so I made this account.
Some things u should probably know about me and Ninjago... •I'm a Ninjago fangirl {I'm a girl :P}
•My fav character is Lloyd, kay.💚
•I hate Zane {no offense to those Zane fangirls} •My old fav character was Jay, and I still like his character so…
•Kai is umm not err I don't like him... Sorry
•Cole is cool
•I like Sensei Wu, he has epic quotes and stuff
•I totally ship Jaya
•I love making Ninjago edits
•I have a lot of other accounts but they aren't Ninjago
•I can't say ill be on 24/7 XD but I promise to be on a lot now
Thanks 4 following! Hope ya like my account... Oh and my kik is ninjagokitty just fwi
[i'm working on the bio, kay.]

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