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Sadie Robertson  • @liveoriginal • author / Live Original. Live Fearless • once @bellarobb first like on ig • @whoathatsgoodpodcast I love you just the way you are🎈

my bestie is so supa talented with the most beautiful heart and made alll of these “so loved” sweat shirts! her message behind it is beautiful! Go to her page to get the message and the sweatshirt 💓💓💓

boom roasted.
happens to me all the time!
People roast people.
If you do something that involves people in any capacity you “risk” getting in the center of the roast. I put risk in quotations, because I feel like being picked on, made fun of, or roasted is something we are probably ALL going to face in life no matter what we do, so it’s not a far-fetched risk, it’s more of a fact. I say that not to be a downer, but to say don’t let the fear of being roasted stop you from doing something you feel excited about doing! There are literally YouTube videos out there with hundreds of thousands of views of me being roasted and picked apart and hundreds of comments about how annoying I sound when I talk. Does that hurt me? If I’m being honest, because I’m human sometimes it does sting a little, but I don’t let that little sting stop me from doing something that i love doing and using my voice in spaces that God has opened a door for me to speak. You also don’t want a group of people that are choosing to point out the worst qualities in you to shut you up from speaking to the people who’s lives will be changed from hearing from you. So, to all of you with a desire in your heart but a fear of being roasted, I say GO FOR IT! If the negative comments come then they come, but don’t let that sting stop you from doing what makes you, you! And certainly don’t let it quiet your voice!
BOOM, go for it!

my girlsssss !!!! friends who encourage ya to jump higher and crazier than you have ever jumped before are the friends you want to surround yourself with! I love y’all <3

SUPER happy about things to come with @liveoriginal this year! Here is a little timeline for the first few months!

Podcast starts back January 23 - literally stoked for who is all on it! Can not wait to share! so much good advice @whoathatsgoodpodcast
Blog starts back February - YAY!
LO fam - March- this is new ... will explain later, but in brief it will give YOU a chance to submit blogs to be on the live original website and also get you access to my sermon notes, blogs I never put out, and audio messages from me to you :-) currently writing my NEW BOOK!

Thanks for being a part of it all!! We are diving into the word and prayer to be equipped to encourage every one of you and hopefully meet you right where you are at! Let us know any topics you want to read about or hear about :)

Aunt Life >

this is my favorite candid picture of all time. 2:00 am hugging the new grandma while her grandma holds her... and yes that makes Mamaw a great great grandma 😲♥️

my sisters a champ. my nephew is the cutest. his dad is a rockstar. ♥️ my heart is so full.
baby Zane you are so loved!

@vouschurch and vous girl was something I will never forget! I am still so encouraged and inspired by the women in Miami and their passion and love for God and everyone at vous church’s excitement around the word and what God is doing! P. Rich and Dawn Chere are the real deal. Even if you don’t live in Miami you can do what I do and watch their services on YouTube :) link is in my bio!

only winning cause my socks are anointed... thx @hillsongyoungandfree

4 girls on bae watch ! Come on bby Z !!!!

home and happy :-)

PREACH THAT PAUL! “Love obligates me to preach to everyone” “I refuse to be ashamed” TPT

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