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BisshiBisshi  The history of pro wrestling in Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ Every era. Every style. Every company. From Showa to inokiism. From Kings Road to Death BJ #プロレス 🎌

On this day in 2008: Shinsuke Nakamura beats Kurt Angle to unify the IWGP 3rd Belt & IWGP Heavyweight title. After Lesnar refused to defend and kept the 3rd title he wasnt recognised as official champ but as IWGP 3rd belt champion. Angle won the belt in IGF in 2007 then this match was setup to unify both belts.

On this day in 2002: Tadao Yasuda beats Yuji Nagata in the final of a tournament to become the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion after Kazuyuki fujita vacated by acchiles injury. The tournament included Masahiro Chono, Rick steiner, Yuji nagata, Manabu Nakanishi, Kensuke Sasaki, Giant Silva and Yasuda himself. Thanks to beating Jerome Le Banner in a MMA fight in December Yasuda went from over the hill veteran to 1 of the top names almost overnight. This was his only IWGP title run and he lost to Nagata in April after 48 days.

On this day in 2005: Satoshi Kojima beats Toshiaki Kawada to win his 1st Triple Crown ending Kawadas record breaking over 1 year long reign. Soon after this Kawada signed to Dream Stage then mainly competed in Hustle until returning to All Japan in 2006

Stan Hansen as Champion Carnival winner in 1992

On this day in 2003: Kiyoshi Tamuras U-Style had its debut show in Differ Ariake. In the main event Kiyoshi Tamura beats Wataru Sakata. U-Style was the 4th generation of UWFs shoot style founded by Tamura after he knocked out his trainer Nobuhiko Takada in PRIDE in November 2002. U-Style got most of its startup money from DEEP MMA and its owner Shigeru Saeki who already had connections to Tamura. Even tho U-Style was a underrated promotion w a great pool of shoot style talent it didnt last long and basically folded a couple of years after starting up mainly because MMA was huge at the time thx to Pride and fans just didnt care to see shoot style anymore. Even tho it didnt last long it had some great matches mainly featuring Tamura & this was 1 of them.

On this day in 2004: New Japan holds a 1 night tournament to crown a new IWGP champ after Nakamura vacated the title 2 weeks before. The tournament featured Genichiro Tenryu , Yuji Nagata, Tadao Yasuda, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Yoshihiro Takayama, Masahiro Chono and Kensuke sasaki. In the final Tenzan beat Tenryu to win his 2nd IWGP Title. Tenzan was busted open in his 1st match of the night and the Tenryu match was a war. Tenryu also beat Chono by TKO.

On this day in 2002 FMW officially closed its doors after owner Shoichi Arai declared it bankrupt for nearly $3 million. Arai borrowed money from 20 yakuza groups to try to save FMW but couldnt keep up the payments. Arai went into hiding but Sadly he hung himself in a park in May 2002 so his wife could get his life insurance money to pay off the yakuza. RIP to Shoichi Arai

28/9/08: Before he was in the Big Guns or All japan Zeus was a young upstart who got to Hustle in 2008 thanks to the good word of Kushida who got him a dark tryout in July. In August he entered the Hustle GP then beat Bob Sapp in the quarter finals to get to Kawada. After this match Kawada would somewhat take Zeus under his wing. They teamed a couple of times in late 08 then had 1 last match on Christmas day.

30/3/03: Dick Togo teams up with Tiger mask to face Ikuto Hidaka and Sasuke in this wild Michinoku pro tag match

Misawa blocks the lariat with the elbow. 1 of wrestlings coolest pics ever taken


Keiji Mutoh and Sting

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