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Strawberry Banana WHEY+ appreciation post 🍓🍌🌱🔬✔️💯💪

Our Legion Athlete Sue showing off those gains! Hit her with a follow to keep up with her journey 💪💯 @suegainz

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Team LEGION we need your help choosing the next PULSE FLAVOR. ⠀
A few of us will be making a trip to the flavor lab to finally nail down some new flavor profiles. ⠀
We can only handle so much caffeine so we want to know what you all want to see the most.⠀

Comment with your top pick!⠀

☑️ Pink Lemonade⠀
☑️ Cherry Limeade⠀
☑️ Mango⠀
☑️ Sour Candy⠀
☑️ Orange⠀
☑️ Pineapple⠀
☑️ Cherry Ice⠀
☑️ Peach Lemonade⠀
☑️ Lime⠀

“I’m not disgusted with my body and I am more confident/self assured. I’m also mentally tougher and disciplined when it comes to tackling tough tasks of any kind.” That’s what Paul told me after following my Bigger Leaner Stronger program for 1 year and completely transforming his physique.

Since starting the program, he has lost 22 POUNDS and cut his body fat % in half!

Amazing job man!

One of the reasons Paul did so well is he learned how to completely take control of his diet. Once he understood how to make effective meal plans, he was amazed at how well his body responded.

That’s why I offer a custom meal plan service.

After learning about your goals, dietary preferences, schedule, and lifestyle, we map out exactly what you should eat and when to lose fat and/or gain muscle as quickly and enjoyably as possible.
All you have to do, then, is follow the plan and watch your body transform.

We guarantee your satisfaction, too. Either you love the service and get the results you want, or you get your money back.

So, if you want us to help you get YOUR best body ever, then click here and sign up today: 👉 link in bio 💪

Daniel P. posted this in our FB group a few days ago. Seriously went hard in the paint with our Black Friday sale!! Well played sir 😍💯

Many people wonder why training is so important to us. What they don't get is it gives us more than a better body. It gives us a better life 💯⠀
📷 @chanelcollette

#teamlegion #legionath #legionathletics #fatloss #gains #losefatbuildmuscle

🔥FORGE🔥 was created with three very specific goals in mind:⠀

☑️ To maximize the amount of fat you lose while training on an empty stomach.⠀

☑️ To minimize the amount of muscle you lose while training in this state.⠀

☑️ To help you maintain intensity and focus in your workouts, which can wane when “training on empty”.⠀

If you want to use fasted exercise to lose stubborn fat, and not muscle, faster...without having to sacrifice the quality of your workouts...then you want to try FORGE today ✔️💯🔥

"I am a more confident person now and a wake up call to myself. If you want to achieve something, you have to work for it and it takes time to grind. There's no shortcut!" That's what Nick L. told me after gaining 7 pounds of muscle and losing 16 pounds of fat in 8 months following the advice in my book, Bigger Leaner Stronger.

One of the big takeaways for Nick was just how important it is to properly plan and track his food intake.

Mastering meal planning, he realized, is the real “secret” to effortless fat loss, muscle gain and, more importantly, to building a strong, aesthetic physique that you can maintain for the rest of your life.
That's why I offer a custom meal plan service.
My team can show you just how easy it really is to get the body you want eating the foods you really like.

Imagine . . . eating your favorite foods every day . . . never suffering from hunger pangs or cravings . . . and watching your body transform before your very eyes.

Well, we’ve made that “fantasy” a reality for thousands of people, and we can do the same for you.

We guarantee your satisfaction, too. Either you love the service and get the results you want, or you get your money back.

So, if you want my team to show exactly how you can build your best body ever, too, then click here and sign up now
👉 www.muscleforlife.com/mp

Sometimes you gotta Hulk the sleeves off your Legion tee to show off the gainz 💪💯
📷 @DougJinBB

#legionath #legionathletics #fatloss #gains #losefat #buildmuscle

It’s hard to have a good workout when you’re tweaked out on too many stimulants and more focused on not dying than anything else.⠀

That’s why we went light on the stimulants and included the amino acid L-theanine, which provides you with a smoother, more enjoyable energy rush.⠀
📷 @carportereck

#teamlegion #legionath #legionathletics #fatloss #gains #losefat

Legion is committed to creating the only supplements you need to get the body you want.⠀

No hype 🚫⠀
No gimmicks 🚫⠀
Just honest, transparent, and scientifically supported products 🔬🌱✔️

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