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Check out Aj's amazing 4-month Bigger Leaner Stronger transformation!⠀

By following the simple advice in the book, he dropped 25 pounds and damn near cut his body fat percentage in half.⠀

Here is what he said to me: “ I've always believed that being in the military - being a defender and soldier - meant that you have to work harder than everyone else, especially when it comes to fitness. Every time I step foot in the gym and have to have a "warrior mentality." I have to work harder than those around me because I've dedicated my life to defending them. I did this program not only for me and my wife and my children, but also to be an example to my fellow defenders and maybe help inspire them.”⠀

Great job man!⠀

You can get results like this too if you have the right plan.⠀

That's why I offer a custom meal plan service.⠀

We've helped thousands of people gain muscle and strength and lose fat eating foods they love every day, and we can do the same for you.⠀

We guarantee your satisfaction, too. Either you love the service and get the results you want, or you get your money back.⠀

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You’ve probably heard that you don’t gain muscle in the gym 🤔⠀

This is true ☑️⠀

And not in a topsy turvy, “it makes sense if you don’t think about it,” Zen koan kind of way 🔮⠀

It’s literally true ✅⠀

Strictly speaking, everything we do in the gym actually results in the exact opposite of muscle growth: muscle damage and breakdown 🔬⠀

What happens next is the key: recovery 🔋⠀

How well our bodies RECOVER from our workouts will determine how much muscle and strength we gain from them 💪⠀

That’s why it’s not enough to just hammer away at the weights every day. You also have to watch your calories and macros, maintain good sleep hygiene, and avoid overtraining 🏥⠀

You can also speed up your post-workout recovery with supplementation, and specifically with the three natural ingredients in our post-workout drink RECHARGE 🌱⠀
Creatine ✅⠀
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate ✅⠀
Corosolic Acid ✅⠀

Together, these ingredients work to enhance workout performance, boost muscle and strength gain, reduce muscle damage and soreness from exercise, improve muscle repair, and more 💯⠀

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"I definitely feel more energetic in day to day life. BLS has also given me a new found sense of confidence. I have shown myself that even I could gain significant amounts of muscle and strength when others didn't think so; therefore with a little perseverance, surely anything is achievable if I put my mind to it now?"⠀

That's what Sam told me after dropping 5% in body fat in only 7 weeks following the advice in my book, Bigger Leaner Stronger. Talk about a body recomp!⠀

One of the big takeaways for Sam was just how important it is to properly plan and track his food intake.⠀

Mastering meal planning, he realized, is the real “secret” to effortless fat loss and, more importantly, to building a strong, aesthetic physique that you can maintain for the rest of your life.⠀

That's why I offer a custom meal plan service.⠀

My team can show you just how easy it really is to get the body you really want eating the foods you really like.⠀

Imagine...eating your favorite foods every day...never suffering from hunger pangs or cravings…and watching your body transform before your very eyes.⠀

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What about a #FlexThursday??⠀
Lookin shredded @nick.g.brittain, keep it up 💪

So stoked on the latest ladies racerbacks. The triblend fabric is soooo soft!!! ☁️

For the next seven days, we're doing something very special.

We will be donating a portion of our profits to Children Incorporated, which is an international nonprofit organization that helps provide support to children primarily through child sponsorship.

There’s no cap on the donations either, so the more we sell, the more we give 💙

"I definitely have more energy and I’m more productive. Within 6 months of being on the program, I had strength and energy to do whatever I needed to do on a daily basis." That's what Arsenio told me after following my Bigger Leaner Stronger program for the last year.
He's lost 32 pounds, but, as you can see, has completely transformed his physique and is now in the best shape of his life.
So cool, right? :) Now, one of Arsenio's biggest “a ha’s” along the way was just how powerful consistent meal planning is.
It’s one of the biggest “secrets” to losing fat and building muscle with ease, and that’s why I offer a custom meal plan service.
Sign up today and let’s get YOU your best body ever! 💪 link in bio
#teamlegion #legionath #legionathletics #gains #losefat #gainmuscle #muscleforlife #mealplan

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