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The shirts of Mr. Samu Haber  Official Instagram account of "The legendary shirts of Mr. Samu Haber" on Facebook 🤘by: @jeanny2406 @tattoogirl87 & @kelihu83


A smile brighter than the spotlights ❤
Shirt designed by Georgie + Timmy Studio (@kathi_glas)
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We're sure everyone remembers the date when they fell in love with these Finnish idiots. Was it a concert? Was it one of their songs on the radio? Did you meet them? We'd love to hear your story! 💖

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04.06.2011 - This date marks the day I fell in love with a particular Finnish band: Sunrise Avenue. Like many others, I "won" tickets for the Coke Sound Up Festival in Cologne and I was dying to be there, because I had already heard some Sunrise Avenue songs on the radio and really liked them. Well, at the end of that day, I loved them and I loved the band. Duh! It was pretty much impossible not to love them. Sami, Riku, Raul, Osmo and Samu are such talented guys and it was obvious that they loved what they were doing. Unfortunately I don't have any group pictures from that day, because they are all awfully blurry 😑
Many concerts followed, I met so many incredible people (online and in person) who became friends and I enjoyed every single show. Concerts and music have always been my "safe haven" where I was able to forget everything and just enjoy the moment. They still are and I just wanna say thank you to @sunriseavenue for making them so special.
I have to admit that, after the 4th album, I distanced myself a bit from everything concerning Sunrise Avenue. I still liked their music, but the new songs (well, new at that time) were kinda lacking passion. At least that's my opinion.
But in March 2016 I decided to give it another try, because I missed the Sunrise Avenue shows so much, and I managed to get one last ticket for the show in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne to see the band with a huge orchestra one stage. I had loved the Big Band Tour Sunrise Avenue did in 2013, so I was sure I'd love this orchestra tour as well. And man, I wasn't disappointed. That night, I fell in love with this band all over again. (Must be something about Cologne, eh? The city of love 😜) At this show I could finally feel their passion again. It was incredible. I hope, it stays that way ❤️ #SunriseAvenue #SamuHaber #RaulRuutu #RikuRajamaa #SamiOsala #OsmoIkonen #band #finnish #cokesoundup
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We think this is by far the most legendary shirt @hapahaber owns/owned: the Wurst shirt! What do you think?

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As some of you might know, this page is existing for 5 years now. Wow!
To be honest, we never thought that it would last that long, but your constant support and the huge shirt closet of @hapahaber made it possible ☺
So "THANK YOU" to everyone of you, including the talented Finnish guys @samiosala , @raulhasnoinsta, @osmoikonen_official, @rickriku and @hapahaber !! (By the way, guys... we're craving for new music! *hint hint*)
Right now, we have collected over 300 different shirts from Samu alone, plus the ones from Raul, Sami, Osmo and Riku. Isn't that amazing? We're sure there are still more to come, though, and we're looking forward to it.
So, what do you think? Do you all still like this page? Is there anything you'd like to see here?

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Pics made by @s4ve.toons 💕

06.07.2012 München Tollwood @hapahaber @rickriku @sunriseavenue

Pic by @jennicam_lesetraeumchen 💖

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Eine kleine Dosis Osmo 💕
#osmoikonen #sunriseavenue © @crew.piece.photography

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