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Patrick Mese  Complex But With A Simple Life That Predicts The Unpredictable. #SocialWorker #Linguist #Gemini


Losing does not mean failure. It is just an experience to work harder.

Getting out of the way to get the vibe the town lacks.


I am just the opposite of what I look at the moment. But God is working me through.

How @officialarole dey open his mouth/teeth sef while taking a selfie?

Be Honest To Yourself And Don't Ever Pretend To Yourself.


Have you ever doubt yourself?
Have you ever been so caught unaware to take up a bigger challenge?
Have you ever felt like you can't do it?
Fear of the unknown is the force behind these thoughts. But what you don't know may not kill you but it will surely stretch and expose you.
But the solace is the experience you must have gathered in the course of going through the bigger challenge .
The bigger challenge will transform to a great opportunity if all these below are done.
- Firstly, believe in God for directions while you face it.
- Secondly, believe in your self with the knowledge at hand.
- Lastly, seek basic additional knowledge and skills to excel in the new challenge.

You all can remember the movie "Olympus Has Fallen"?
#throwback 2013.

I A M G O I N G P L A C E S.

The tradition for me on a day like this is to reflect on my life and see how close I am to the old age and as well count my blessings to see my progress with the achievements so far without letting much people to know it is my birthday.
I want to share it now as a testimony that each year has always been better than the previous and I return all the glory to the Almighty God. This last year was kind of hard for me; losing one of the most loved significant orders in my life. But in all, I give thanks.
God revealed Himself to me this last year for me to see and understand my course. I learnt a great lesson of life that money is not everything. I met with great people of grace and I was impacted greatly to testify to the miracles of God. God works miracles my dear friends.
I have always wanted not to tell people about my birthday because of the best reason known to me. This year is exceptional and I don't know how it turns out to be like this. I was celebrated by my lovely children I work with regardless of their vulnerable state, they thrown a surprise birthday party for me even when it was a day to the day. I was given a great gift which is not of the material connection but of the heavenly key. I really appreciate the family God has used to care for these children and myself.
I have been blessed by friends, family, colleagues and old school mates and I appreciate them all.
I am a product of grace and for this great reason, I want to thank God for the blessings, life and the heart to count His good deeds.
I am forever grateful to You O Lord for everything!

God works in me. His fire is unquenchable in my life.

I am grateful.

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