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leftoverhardware  Heat it and Eat it ....The other company from Torrance

This dude did a thing with the fine fellas at @thenineclub talking about Chris’s childhood in Singapore to filming his latest part it’s quite the listen and @chrisroberts we would be honored to be the 4 in the back 😉

The man went and started a board brand we are pumped to say the least stay tuned @brainchildskateboards @waywardnephew

Happy birthday to this legend @jaredcleland he’s a real one

Happy Birthday to the big guy the guy who can beat all of us in skate with anything from a penny board to a 2x4 the constant pusher never satisfied thanks chris @waywardnephew

@waywardnephew doing a thing on a thing on another thing 🤷🏽‍♂️ dudes good

@waywardnephew checked in with a new one a flapjack fold or something like that tortilla toss maybe can’t remember either way the trick is sick

8 or so years ago a tape came across my desk of this little dude with hair almost to the ground and a beanie on top and I remember thinking the second I watched his tape that he was gonna make it we started sending him stuff and now it’s crazy to see how far he has come he’s by far one of the most talented dudes on the board and the only thing more amazing than his skills is his attitude always humble and stoked we couldn’t be more happy/proud/excited for this guy @frankyvillani we ❤️you and can’t wait to see what’s next CONGRATULATIONS

Last night at the @elementbrand #peace premier @frankyvillani and some awesome fans super stoked to meet frank great vid element the video was epic a must watch for all ages

Our dude @k_pan_ just wrecking shop at the @berrics go peep 👀 #leftoverhardware #41 #japan

So this dudes been punishing the board lately I have no idea what these are called or how to pull off any of them but you sir are a wizard @waywardnephew

Happy Birthday to one of the first and one of our favorites @frankyvillani thanks bud for the support and hope you have a killer day week month year

@tarvinbank has a sick new part up on @sk8rat YouTube if you like skating and a’rnt dumb then you’ll click the link in the rats bio

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