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Modern Desert Magic  Creative Director + Visual Artist ~ Based in LA and surrounding deserts ~ for inquiries contact lefawnhawk@gmail.com

Process and contemplation: Quantum theory and atomic physics reveal a basic oneness with the universe. As we penetrate deeper into matter, Nature doesn’t show us isolated “basic building blocks”, but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between various parts of the whole... we can never speak about nature without, at the same time, speaking about ourselves. -The Tao of Physics

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Our mighty warriors stand steady in our hearts as we move into a new year with courage, kindness and curiosity. 🖤 Thank you to those who stood strong with me in 2018... I can’t wait to see what we are all capable of in the coming year!
#lefawnhawk #modern #surrealism #minimalism #lefawnhawkart #rufusouttakes

Abstract crop of painting “I am the Chapel” oil on canvas.
#oilpainting #modern #surrealism #lefawnhawkart

“Harmony of the Spheres”. Afternoon graphic #meditation listening to #joepfranssens... what if we made this into a three dimensional kinetic sculpture and as the wind blew through the mesh spheres, a beautiful angelic harmony rang out across the desert? An orbital meditative public sound bath for all who gather.

Another piece from my collaboration with @rufusdusol for for their album “Solace” 🖤

The zone of holiness; The vibration of focused intention set in motion. Portrait/non-portrait by @tasyavanree

More exquisite beauty from @ryx for his new single YAYAYA out today. ✨ Link in his profile.
Visual meditations made in collaboration with @ryx @danielnjohnson @tawneyb @patrick_jones

“Third Eye Observatory” 👁‍🗨 I’m exhibiting a selection of prints for the first time in the group show “(In)Definite Spaces” at Basile Studio Gallery in San Diego Nov 10th - Dec 2nd. Opening reception Saturday 6-9pm #lefawnhawkart

So contented to collaborate with my soul brother @ryx and the talented @danielnjohnson and @tawneyb for the beautiful release of BOUND... much more magic to come 🙏 Ry gifts us with his vulnerable and resplendent heart in the most soulful and transcendent sonic expressions... Healings for the heart. Link to track on @ryx profile

It’s been a thrilling journey as a lone wandress in the world... every step has led to this moment now. Beyond excited to unlock the great mystery of motherhood and unfurl before the great women who endeavored before me. #landart #sculpture #lefawnhawkart

All Hallows’ Eve! May we unleash the darkest parts of ourselves and set each other free. 🌓

“To build a tower that will pierce the clouds, lay first a foundation of humility.” - Saint Augustine #lefawnhawkart

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