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Leo Resha  DOP and Editor for Embunpagimalang // Enquiries at leesyoaran@gmail.com line @leoresha // global_family // link for The Journey For Legacy short movie


He had a dream about the world turning into blue. He had it just now. // Daydream @priviniachintia
#embunpagiproduction #global_family

Adventure of a lifetime (ft @kresnadewanata) // a day in dessert, sea, forest and long road. We came to a place where paradise is really hard to find but worth so much. Or you wouldn't called it paradise, would you? There's only us and the modesty life of the local villagers. // Once you go to malang, you will never wants to go back // #embunpagiproduction #global_family #exploremalang #yoikimalang

@kresnadewanata took his pose for chasing sunrise at pantai licin, kab. Malang. The beauty that lurks us and the awesomeness that enchant us is something that your eyes would never gets bored. // #embunpagiproduction #global_family #malang #exploremalang

I can finally get my own milky way shot and sleep under the starry sky. / Pantai Licin, Malang #embunpagiproduction #global_family #exploremalang #landscapestylesgf

ATM at pantai licin, lebakharjo kabupaten malang. // Another photo comes next. #embunpagiproduction #global_family #landscapestylesgf #exploremalang #malang

Way back to malang ver.teaser // 1 minute version that shows you what kind of malang it is // welcome to malang // Make one with us @embunpagiproduction #exploremalang #model #malang #videography #drone #embunpagiproduction

Save the last dance for me // taken at coban nirwana, kab.malang // the waterfall itself is very beautiful and the air was cool to make me linger here any longer. Oh where thou god so considerate bestow the grace upon us // #embunpagiproduction #global_family #landscapestylesgf

@rizkyikasafitri the wedding short story. // You never know when god have a plan to gives you someone that will be with you forever. // Make one with us @embunpagiproduction #prewedding #weddingvideo #hijab #model #malang #videography

When night comes, this will seduce one minds. // #global_family #embunpagiproduction #landscapestylesgf

Why we spend our time just to spare for taking care of others? That's kindness, he said. // taken at bromo mountain, - malang using a7r mkII, zeiss 16-35 F4.0 // #embunpagiproduction #global_family #landscapestylesgf #sonyalpha_id

Mama Gog. Wife of ayah gog. || Little 8 month he sway inside. Nice happy go round he will become. The more the merrier they said || And so it's been a while since the last time i used my logo. || #embunpagiproduction #global_family

Lights out. Oh thou come here to play. Neither can hurt you. Oh silly me. || Capture this on pitch black situation. The fireworks illuminate their natural expression making it so dreamy. All thanks to A7s super sensor that is very powerful in dimlit situation. Plus all favorite 85mm 1.4 allowing the every tiny light source absorbed into the sensor. || #embunpagiproduction #global_family #sonyalpha_id

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