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Someone was taking selfies while also yawning 🀳🏼😴 #olivedigsit

How on earth is she so beautiful??? #olivedigsit #its78outside

When everyone in your house has a weird cough and runny nose #iloveplanttherapy

Legos under my feet definitely kill my vibe kid. #olivedigsit #tribeisalive

3 years old. 31lbs 38.5 inches. When her doc asked if she knew any songs she could sing him she responded with " big big booty but ya got a big booty" 😐😐😐😐😐 so ya that happened. #olivedigsit

😭😘😭😘😭😘😭😘 #olivedigsit

Ya come on summer we are ready #olivedigsit

I hate my hasbrouck chin in this photo but whatever, olives hasbrouck chin is strong here too. So like wtf it's cute on her but not me??? Yolo. #olivedigsit #juneandjanuary #getinthepicture #shewillloveherchinifilovemine

When mom life means you switch from green beer to green coffee #irunondunkin

When all but 1 package contain @juneandjanuary you really need to pat yourself on the back for being committed. #juneandjanuary #babyclothesobsessed

The best kind of pretend play πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #olivedigsit #zoratheserb

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