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Lee County Sheriff's Office 

We finished our #virtualridealong at about 3am. We appreciate everyone that followed along and commented. We hope you enjoyed it. We were actually supposed to end the ride along earlier in the evening but, circumstances beyond our control kept us out a little later. It’s OK though.....that’s just how it goes sometimes...especially in this line of work. #wegetit #itsnormal

#virtualridealong We came into the processing area to find some of our friends typing up the booking sheets for the people they’ve arrested. Even our friends from the Fort Myers Police Department are here! #wearefamily #familystickstogether #bookingsheets #dontbreakthelaw @fmpolice

#virtualridealong We made to the the #LeeCountyJail. It’s a busy night tonight! The sallyport is packed.

#virtualridealong Dep. Robinson just completed a traffic stop. The driver ended up being charged with possession of a controlled substance. K9 Kilo and his handler K9 Dep. Lock responded to the call. K9 Kilo made a positive alert on the vehicle as well. Now we are on our way to the #LeeCountyJail...or better known as #MikeScottsHotel.
#k9kilo #gooddog #dontdodrugs #drugsarebad

Deputy Robinson out directing traffic....anyone else see a strange resemblance to our Batman hero figurine? #heroesdontalwayswearcapes #nobatarang #dontbejealousdin

#virtualridealong We came across this driver whose vehicle was disabled at the corner of College Pkwy. We waited for the vehicle to be towed so it was no longer blocking traffic at such a busy intersection. #towtruck

#virtualridealong When we went to pull this vehicle over, they took a little while to finally stop for the traffic stop. This is always a way to make a deputy feel that you have something to hide. This driver lived so close to the area she was stopped in that she thought it would be OK to continue driving and pull into her driveway for the traffic stop. Do us all a favor...don’t ever do that. Stop immediately. #suspicious #stopimmediatley

#virtualridealong We’re headed back over the bridge from Cape Coral to our county territory. As you can see, this little Batman figurine is on the dash of Dep. Robinson’s vehicle. Our deputies sometimes place little personal effects in their patrol vehicles as it is basically their mobile office. Sometimes it’s photos of their family, sometimes it’s a quote or Bible verse, other times....it’s super heroes. 🦇 #superheroes #everyoneneedsahero #mobileoffice #positivevibes

#virtualridealong We’re at a disabled vehicle at the base of the Cape Coral bridge. If you don’t already know, you need to move over and slow down to 15mph under the speed limit for the safety of the deputy and the people involved. #itsthelaw #moveoverlaw #slowdown

#virtualridealong After completing several area checks, Dep. Robinson saw this vehicle run a stop sign. He pulled the driver over and something seemed a a little “off”. The driver gave us consent to search the vehicle. Fortunately we didn’t find anything illegal in the vehicle. The driver was given a warning. #education #warningissued #youarewelcome #dontrunstopsigns #makeacompletestop

#virtualridealong Dep. Robinson caught this driver going through a stop sign. She got away with a warning. #stopatallstopsigns #makeacompletestop #itsthelaw #ticketnexttime #lessonlearned #education

#virtualridealong Deputy Robinson got dispatched to an alarm call at an apartment complex. The front door was unlocked, so he went inside to clear the building. After the building was cleared, he checked all the doors and windows, to make sure no one had broken in and left the area. The alarm was going off inside so the key holder was called to respond and lock the door properly and securely. #lockup #westdistrict #safeandsound #closedforbusiness