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Lee Roy Myers  I make porn parodies for WoodRocket like Ten Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, Game of Bones, Strokemon, SpongeKnob SquareNuts. I am Rule 34.

I got my start with Troma. So it was a fantastic feeling when @lloydkaufman showed up to @WoodRocket’s birthday party. See? Look how happy I am, and how in love Lloyd is.

After years of vibrating in the dust after Game of Bones, we started fixing up The Iron Bone and once again it is looking like a sex chair fit for a Queen!

‪Packing up the set walls we used for @woodrocket’s Adventure Time, inside the porno Tardis, and the Gnardians of the Galaxy ship. Time for these curvy bastards to get some rest. ‬

‪Cleaning up the @Wood_Rocket studio today in prep for our birthday party and it’s like taking a trip down Weird Porn Memory Lane.‬

New Gonzo tattoo done by Jonas at Tattoo Asylum in Durham, NC.

FYI: Etsy has a $1420 butt lamp.


‪Hans Molebatman.‬



Patrick Batman.

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