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Leerone♡ לירון  ♥️Teacher of awakening, inside-out-leadership & conscious creation = Luminous Map Making, 🎶songstress🎶, & humble servant of Love & Truth.

Join me for my first *Maui* workshop! Luminous Relating: Humans connecting Through Love... an evening of deep connection and much needed nourishment as we align with our expansive nature and cultivate our capacity to give and receive love from the generosity and abundance of our hearts. Next Friday, December 21st from 6-9pm @ Hui No'eau in Makawao (free event). For more info, check out my Facebook page: Facebook.com/LeeroneLoves ✨✨✨ #Leerone #LuminousRelating #LMM #LuminousMapMakers #LuminousMapMaking #ConsciousRelating #ConsciousRelationship #AuthenticRelating #Heart #Love #Connection #Intimacy #Relating #Relationship #LoveFilledWorld #Community #Togetherness #InfiniteLove #Lonely #Loneliness #Alone #TheHashtagsNeverEnd

Had the best time communing with amazing, creative, super talented, gorgeous inside & out, women, goddesses, singer songwriters, magical sirens, old friends & new... singing, singing, singing our hearts & souls out, writing new songs together, sharing original songs, connecting, playing, harmonizing & absorbing the medicine of all of the above... ourselves, each other, singing/song & the desert. And what an amazing and magical location @joshuatreeacres W😍w, so deeply nourished, grateful and inspired by the potent magic of women coming together in love singing/song & the wild cauldron of the mystical desert🙏🏼🎶☀️🦋🌸🌵💜💃🏻🙌🏼 First song by @kteddles @kathmyerz @little_lonely then completed by the whole group, @kathleenmusic @maraconnor @cortneymatz @pigion_musings @leeroneloves @joshuatreeacres ... Last song by @justinebennett @jamiethedrake sung by the whole group. I couldn’t get everyone in the frame for the video and one of the pics, so I included them twice with different framings. So much love & gratitude💕🌵💕🌵🙌🏼🎶

What do you see? I see a creature, not sure what that creature is, but he’s definitely conducting an orchestra. 💚

#GiftsFromTheSea 💝🐚 #LoveFindsYou #NotSoSecretLoveMessages #GratefulForTheLuv (Side-note 1➡️ Toes, what an interesting part of the body. Side-note 2➡️ How odd that we have a custom of painting nails.)

I feel so heartbroken to learn that Aretha Franklin has passed. She had such a raw power in her voice, such a pure gift of expression, expressing both the pain of being human and the wailing freedom that we are capable of in our connection with grace and infinite love. Her voice was absolutely transcendent and in that, piercingly powerful, transmitting and catalyzing transcendence for the listener, and all disguised in a pop song, in a single topping the Billboard chart. When she sang, god coursed through her, in all his/her/its faces, from dark to light and back, and everything in between. She channeled nitty gritty humanness, heart break with the presence of a higher power-divine, ecstatic grace mixed with earthly pain and suffering, and... the hope, promise and demand for more, for a brightness yet to come. She seamlessly brought spiritual music, the spirit of awakening and revival, into the secular realms of pop culture, making that transcendence available to anyone and everyone, from any walk of life or any religious background. I’m actually surprised by how heartbroken I feel. I’m crying and receiving my grief, receiving her impact on me and letting my heart be touched and expanded by her gifts to humanity and her powerhouse presence, voice and message. To me, her message is raw power, the resilience of the human the human spirit... no matter how we break, we are always unbroken, brilliantly and beautifully resilient... our light in tact, amidst and despite all that has been broken. I hope she knew what a special being she was, not just because she was the queen of soul but because we’re all special beings and we all deserve to know that. I hope she knew how deeply, widely and profoundly her soul and her gospel touched so many, so, so many. Thank you for your gifts Aretha. You have been a huge impact and inspiration for me personally. I am deeply grateful. You will be missed. #Respect. #Aretha #ArethaFranklin

I am in good company today with these gorgeous beauty emanating flowers. Some from my garden and some from the Farmer’s Market, arranged with love. This is a ritual of self love and nurturing that I have been practicing with myself for the past 5+ years. Choosing precious flowers with vibrant colors, sometimes gentle colors, always emanating and oozing so much beauty that it just expands my heart and softens my insides to be in their grace. They are mirrors of my femininity (true femininity, not a cultural or conceptual construction), mirrors that help me connect deeper with my feminine essence by reminding me who I am, in all their flirty, simple and complex, “I am just being”, radiating, gorgeousness. And they are also support beams. Their vibration nourishes my Being by uplifting and infusing my space with light and because their song goes right in. How can it not?! They are always singing “I love you. Beauty is who you are, without even trying. Just by beaming the radiance that you inherently are.” That is some of their message (among other messages) for us all, that’s what I hear. Yes, I am in very good company and am very grateful for that. Thank you dear, precious ones, I love you too.
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Appreciating the beauty... the light, the colors, the vitality of these potatoes. #SimplePleasures #Light #FoodLove

Amazing fern creature with a handlebar mustache.

Just, YES 🙌🏼 At my cousin’s wedding last night.

Join me(!!) tomorrow, Saturday, January 27th, I will be DJ/facilitating "Better Together", a dance of togetherness, with LADC, 10am - 12pm @ the Culver City Masonic Lodge (9635 Venice Blvd). $15 or if it's your first time, dance for free. "We are the superhero, none of us individually, but all of us together" (Hank Green). This dance is dedicated to the heroism of our community, to the gifts of showing up together and to the power of what we can and do create together when we share a vision and a purpose, and have space for our differences. I have recently felt humbled, inspired and relieved by the reminder that whatever I’m here to do on planet earth, whatever I’m here to experience and create, I’m not here to do it alone. I can't do it alone, nor do I want to. We cannot expand into a brighter future or a new horizon alone. It takes each one of us, doing our part of being overserves and contributing what we each uniquely have to contribute in each precious moment. Life is the ultimate team sport. I am celebrating that WE are the superhero. I am celebrating us and this/our heroic community. Let's continue paving a new now, together, by dancing ourselves, alive, alight, alove, anew and by weaving the threads of connection in us and between us. May the dance floor continue to be a nourishing and nurturing microcosm for the game of life. I am thrilled to be back in town this weekend and to dance with you 🎉🎉🎉🎶💫💜💖😍🎊🎵🙋🏻‍♀️ With love, love, love, Leerone​ #bettertogether #inthistogether

Re the women’s march today: what a powerful movement in solidarity, the large number of marchers gathering across the country and the world. My heart is touched. The marchers, to me, are an indication that change is desired (yes, we know this) and that people are aware of their needed participation in facilitating and promoting those changes (ah, that’s huge). The march continues with every day, in every moment, through every breath as we choose to connect with and nurture seeds of love (vs. fear) within us and between us, as we heal ourselves inside and out, as we relate from truth and as we take action guided by an orientation that includes and cares for what’s truly best for the whole of humanity. The rise of the truth speakers, of women, of anyone and everyone willing to illuminate more truth, is truly a rising, deepening and awakening into a greater valuing of human life that is and will continue to uplift the quality of existence itself and the state of the world. I love you, let’s keep marching: the march is a moment to moment choosing of love, how that choice changes us inside and out, and the actions we are led to take from that choosing of Love. Art by @merakilabbe ♥️ #womensmarch #keepmarching

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